December Favorites

Maybe I’m in more of a “new year, new me” mindset than usual, because December seems SO far away, even though in reality, it was still here barely over a week ago. So coming up with my list of favorites was a little bit more challenging than usual because I felt like I had to rack my brain a little harder than usual to remember December! But I prevailed – here are December’s favorites

The Willard

Staying at The Willard for the holidays is my new favorite Christmas tradition. The one bedroom accessible suite is just the best – sooo roomy – and the hotel is decorated so beautifully that it looks like a Christmas card! It’s just such a nice way to get away and have a more relaxed celebration. I eat so well every time I’m there because there are SO many good restaurants nearby, and the hotel has a cafe that makes delicious macchiatos, plus Nespresso machines in the room. Just the best, all around!

My ChappyWrap

We had some seriously cold days in December. I haaaaate being cold. I hate it so much! And because I have bad circulation, I get cold very very easily. So I was especially fond of my ChappyWrap last month, to help keep me nice and warm and cozy. I love it so much I brought a full-size one with me to DC so that I had it during my trip! That’s love.

Two Wrongs Make a Right

My favorite book from December! I loved this diverse, enemies-to-lovers and fake-dating romance from Chloe Liese. Not only did I love, and laugh along with, the characters, but I really love how Chloe writes disabled/chronically ill characters so well – and so carefully. It’s clear that she takes representation seriously, and is committed to an accurate portrayal. But they’re also just great romances, period!

Rose Ave Bakery

I wish I could transport this DC bakery to Pittsburgh! Every single thing I’ve ever tried is absurdly delicious. They’re classic pastries with an Asian-inspired twist, and the flavors are unexpected (for me, at least) but so tasty. This last time, they had congee balls – like arancini, but with congee instead of risotto – and OMG, I will be dreaming about them for a long, long time.

Plush Thigh Highs

I think I read somewhere that opaque tights were more out now, and sheer were back in, but I do not care – when it’s cold out, all I wear are these fleece-lined thigh highs. They are so soft and cozy and warm – the fleece lining really does a lot to keep the cold out. And the fleece lining just feels sooo much nicer than normal tights. Because I’m so short, these thigh highs are extra long on me, and they work well enough that I don’t even need to wear “normal” tights anymore. So much more comfortable!

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