Embracing the Cozy Life

It’s always around this time of year that I start to get really tired of winter, and feel like I’m stuck inside all the time. Although this winter has been relatively mild overall, I still don’t do well with the cold, and since I still have to be very careful not to get sick, it can start to feel like there’s just not much I can do right now. I have to work hard to actively counter that thinking, and one way I try to do that is by leaning in to, and embracing, the cozy. Making it seem like it’s a privilege to be inside and cozy and warm instead of a punishment. So I thought I’d share some of the things I do, and surround myself with, to make staying inside feel more bearable.

ChappyWrap Blanket // Face Mask // LAKE Pajamas

TheraPAQ // Hotel Lobby Miami Candle // Book Mug

Henley Lounge Top // Henley Lounge Bottom // Olive and June Set // Ticket to Ride

In my opinion, the most important part of embracing the cozy is feeling cozy, which means the most comfortable clothes possible. I am a fan of staying in pajamas all day every once in a while… it just feels so, so nice! I am a big fan of these LAKE pajamas because of how incredibly soft and comfortable they are. If you want to change out of your PJs, something like this waffle knit matching set is perfect comfy loungewear. And of course, for me, a ChappyWrap blanket is the only option as an extra layer of warmth. I have yet to find a softer, more cozy blanket! And I love to add on this microwaveable heater shoulder pad for the ultimate relaxation.

The next step is to really set the mood – I go with a candle. I love the flickering flame and the nice yellow warmth it brings to the dark days of winter. I love Hotel Lobby candles the most because of how nice their scents are – they fill the room, but not in an overpowering way at all. I’m really picky about scents because I get a headache so easily, but I don’t have that issue at all with Hotel Lobby candles. And the scents are so sophisticated that I feel like I’m somewhere a lot nicer than my living room! I also love a nice warm drink – a macchiato, a black tea, or some hot chocolate are all great options. This mug is so cute and a nice little way to add some fun to whatever you’re drinking. I feel like embracing coziness is all about those little extra details that make things feel a little more luxurious and unexpected – the things that make it feel different than the sameness of the rest of the days.

And then I love to have some sort of indoor activities to plan around – something that makes me feel grateful to be inside. Sometimes I like to have a mini “spa” night – it kind of reminds me of sleepovers that I used to have with friends back in middle school where we’d do makeovers! But now, for me, it’s more about a nice face mask like this one or an at-home manicure with this cute little kit. I also have no complaints against a cozy day or night spent reading, but if hanging with friends rather than relaxing solo, you can also go with a fun board game like this one! The goal is just to do something fun that makes you feel relaxed and content to be inside where it’s nice and warm and cozy.

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