Friday Favorites

The first week in January is over! It was a little bit of a rough adjustment back to “real life” for me – I am very much a nigh owl during any time off, so it’s always rough to get back onto a normal work nighttime schedule. But I’m getting there, and have a plan-free weekend so I can try to slowly adjust a little bit more. I’m doing my best to honor my need for rest and ease into the new year.

Here are this week’s favorites!

31 Highly Anticipated Book Releases

I love a good list of books to look forward to! Obviously, I’ve already pre-ordered Spare and cannot wait to read it, and I got to read an advance copy of another book on this list, Central Places, which I loved. I’m checking out the rest of the list and adding some of them to my pre-order list – they’ll help with my goal to keep reading consistently!

Making Better New Year’s Resolutions

I loved this piece about tips from disabled people about making better New Year’s resolutions! I especially relate to the point about not making number goals – and you’ll notice that when I shared my own goals, none of them had a number attached to them. There’s lots of good advice to think about as you set your goals/resolutions for the year.

Henley Cropped Tee

I am always on the hunt for boxy t-shirts – they are just my favorite for lounge wear (other than actual pajama shirts). I love the henley style and the buttons on this one… and especially love that it’s on sale for $15!! I’ll let you know how it works once it arrives.

How Summer Lee Will Get it Done

I always love this series in New York Magazine, so I was especially excited when I saw that the latest one featured Pennsylvania Representative Summer Lee! It was great to read about what she’s looking forward to getting to work on while in DC, and of course, I had to laugh at her last answer about bringing fries on salads to the District. A Pittsburgh staple if there ever was one!

Ableism at the Dinner Table

I think that Public Source is doing some of the best reporting in Pittsburgh right now, and I love this personal essay they published about the author’s personal experiences and comfort with himself and his body. I find it so interesting reading other peoples’ journeys of coming to terms with their disability, and being comfortable with it rather than living to make other people feel comfortable.

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