Friday Favorites

On Wednesday, I looked out my window at 5:15 PM and noticed that it wasn’t totally, completely dark out. January and February are always rough for me – the dark and the cold can make the days and weeks feel incredibly long. So I’ll take each and every little indication that the days are getting lighter longer! It’s the little things, really.

On to this week’s favorites.

Hotel Lobby Candle Sale

Hotel Lobby has 30% off their Holiday Collection through the 16th with the code HOLIDAY30! In my opinion, Cabin is definitely an all winter long scent, not just a holiday one – I’m actually burning it right now! Hotel Lobby does not tend to have many sales, so this is a great deal!

Gwen Stefani and Appropriation

This article from Allure is a must-read. After doing an interview with Gwen Stefani where she said that she was Japanese (she’s not!), the writers turned what could’ve been a straightforward interview into a really insightful piece on cultural appropriation and how words can cause harm, even unintentionally. I definitely recommend you read it.

Disabled Character on Doctor Who

I am not a Doctor Who fan, but my sister is, so I know that it is a classic, very very long running show! Which makes it even more exciting to see the news that they’ll be adding a disabled character in the newest season. I love to see representation added – and of course, especially love that the disabled character is being played by a disabled actress.

Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret Movie

OMG! I had no idea that the Judy Blue classic Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret was being turned into a movie! I cannot wait to watch this – even more so seeing the Judy Blume herself has signed off on the adaptation. “We must! We must! We must increase our bust!” is such an iconic line from the book and I can’t wait to see if it makes it into the movie.

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