Friday Favorites

I sat down to write this post and kind of struggled with anything interesting to start with! It’s just been a pretty low-key week with nothing incredibly exciting to share about. The deer have been stopping by daily again, which I love, but it’s also kind of the highlight of my days right now! Fingers crossed, assuming the weather cooperates, I do have tickets to see Jagged Little Pill at the Benedum this weekend, which I’m very much looking forward to. I badly need a break from the monotony!

And now, on to the favorites.

Lavender Haze Music Video

Fridays with new Taylor Swift music videos are my favorite kind of Fridays! I’m getting more and more excited to see her on tour this summer (and still feeling incredibly grateful that I even have tickets at all!).

Adaptive Jansport Backpack

I love that Jansport released an adaptive backpack! I appreciate that it looks like a standard backpack – nothing medical about it – but has features to make it easier to use for disabled people who need it. I especially love the different kind of straps on the backpack – it’d be much easier to fasten to the back of my wheelchair and make sure it stays on and stays clear of my wheels.

Ruffle Collar Shirt

J.Crew has so many cute new releases up on their site right now! I especially love this ruffle collar shirt – it’s relaxed and comfortable, but the ruffle collar adds the perfect little dressed up detail.

Sundance Jury Walks Out Over Inaccessibility

This is a great look at captions and accessibility in screenings, highlighted after Marlee Matlin’s captioning device didn’t work during a recent Sundance screening, where the rest of the jury walked out with her in solidarity. Open captions – captions that appear directly on the screen, rather than on a separate device – are still really rare! I’m not d/Deaf or hard-of-hearing, but still use captions on every single thing I watch. I wish they were the default on movie screens, too!

Barnes & Noble Pre-Order Sale

Barnes & Noble is offering 25% off a TON of pre-sales right now with the code PRESALE25. They even include selected ebooks and audiobooks too, which is rare! I picked up a few and am especially excited for Becca Freeman’s debut, The Christmas Orphans Club.

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