Friday Favorites

Yesterday the high temperature hit 70, and we actually had sunshine, too. I was able to sit outside without a jacket, with my coffee and book, and read for 30 minutes a little before 5 PM – it was warm enough AND the sun hadn’t set yet. Honestly, I kind of felt like a new person when I came back inside! I know that we still have a bit of winter ahead of us, but it helped me feel like the gloomy days will be survivable.

A friend is coming over for a very belated birthday sushi dinner tonight, and then I just plan to lay low the rest of the weekend! Honestly, that’s kind of my ideal weekend… one night to be social (in a small setting!) and then the rest of the time to recharge. So I’m very much looking forward to it!

On to this week’s favorites.

Coffee Mug with Lid

I’ve been using this insulated coffee mug with a lid for my at-home macchiatos every day, and I’m really into it. I got the 8 oz size, which is small but perfect for me, and the handle plus the lightweight material makes it easy for me to pick it up! The lid helps keep it warm but also helps keep me from sloshing my drink over the side of the mug, which is key. And the opening in the lid fits my straw perfectly. It’s now part of my daily coffee routine!

Donate to Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief

The news about the damage and death tolls after the earthquake that affected Turkey and Syria is just devastating. If you’re looking for somewhere to donate, Human Appeal has a fund and is on the ground in both countries providing much-needed relief.

ChappyWrap “Almost Solids”

ChappyWrap released a collection of “almost solid” color blankets and I… think I want them all? I love their typical patterns, but am very into these more subdued designs! I especially love this ombre stripe border blanket – the colors of the stripe border are so pretty!

Sarah J. Maas in Conversation with Eva Chen

I cannot believe that I somehow missed this conversation between two people that I’m a fangirl of! It’s a little old now, but it’s still full of so many gems – it’s fun to watch because Eva Chen is such a Sarah J. Maas fan. Very excited to hear that she does plan to write a book from Elain’s point-of-view, too – I suspected it, but I love to hear it being confirmed.

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