Friday Favorites

What a week! I don’t talk a lot about my work here, but it’s been an incredibly busy week for me at work as we geared up for the launch of a new program – an advocacy training program for unpaid family caregivers (you can learn more about it here if you’re interested!). Today is actually National Caregivers Day, so it’s especially fitting to share it. I’m very excited that it’s launching today, and also very excited to take some time to relax and recover this weekend!

In honor of National Caregivers Day, and the fact that my mom’s birthday was yesterday, I’m sharing a picture of the two of us! You can see a very very strong genetic resemblance.

On to this week’s favorites.

Alice Wong on Finding Love in Community

Alice Wong is one of my disabled role models, and I love this piece she wrote for Teen Vogue. I especially love how she talks about activism as a form of love, and how she talks about being an activist because her life is political. Near the end, she says: “I dream of a day when I can just be and it would be enough. I wish for all disabled people the choice of becoming an activist rather than being forced to as a means of survival.” and WOW does that resonate. I wish for that too, so very much.

Ben Affleck and Dunkin’

I am not a sports person and did not watch the Super Bowl, but I did see this Dunkin’ ad starring Ben Affleck after the fact and giggled. There’s something so endearing about a mega-celebrity loving, of all things, Dunkin’ Donuts! Of course, I also loved the little J.Lo cameo at the end.

J.Crew Sale

J.Crew currently has 40% off all full price items with the code WEEKEND. There are so many good picks – I especially love this drapey cottage blouse and this bouclĂ© lady jacket.

A Matchmaker Who Works with Disabled People

I loved this interview with a matchmaker in The Cut! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a matchmaker who specifically talks about disabled clients before. I don’t share much about my forays into online dating because it is typically pretty demoralizing and I don’t like to focus on it too much. But it’s really interesting to read about how she approaches her service and how her own experiences shape what she does.

Faux Wrap Dress

This pretty faux wrap dress is 20% off with the code YESPLEASE – how cute is it? I love the faux wrap top, the little ruffle at the bottom, and the subtle print. It would work really well now with black tights, but would be great with bare legs too as temperatures warm up a bit and spring comes, too!

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