Friday Favorites

I can’t believe that we’re in the last full week of February. I’m looking forward to March, because in my mind it means that spring and sun and warmth are just around the corner. While I’ve been enjoying my laid-back, low-key weekends recently, I’m also looking forward to my hibernation coming to an end. We had some unseasonably nice weather this week, and reading outside, even just for a little bit, made me so happy. And I do have plans this weekend, actually – I’m going to see the musical Beetlejuice! It looks like it should be really fun, and I’m looking forward to it.

On to this week’s favorites.

The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence

I watched the HBO docuseries based on this NYMag article recently, and the series is good, but the article is really worth a read if you missed it in 2019. It’s a wild ride, and shocking to me to think about this all starting on a college campus… and the administration doing nothing to stop it? The whole story goes well beyond that, though – it’s a deep, deep dive.

Hotel Lobby Candle Restock

Hotel Lobby Candle restocked some of their scents yesterday, including my absolute favorite, New York! It’s been out of stock now for… weeks? months? And I snatched one up yesterday the moment the clock hit noon. It is the perfect scent and I’m so excited I can light the one I have again, knowing that a replacement is on the way.

Disability Day of Mourning

I’m incredibly honored to be speaking at next week’s virtual Disability Day of Mourning. It’s a day mourning people with disabilities that were murdered by their caregivers. I realize that this is an incredibly heavy topic, but if you’re able, I really encourage you to watch the livestream of the event next Wednesday at 8 PM.

Protecting Your Peace

I really liked this round-up that Refinery29 did on things different women are doing to protect their peace. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being online, it’s the importance of having, and respecting, my own boundaries – knowing what will and will not serve me. I love reading about what other women are doing – or not doing! – to protect their own mental health.

Smocked Waist Dress

I love this new smocked waist dress from J.Crew – the pale lilac is so perfect and springy, and the lightweight chino cotton fabric looks so cool and effortless. Plus, it’s 25% off right now with the code GOSHOP.

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