Gratitude List, February 2023

I’ve actually felt much happier, lighter, and more content this last month than I have in a while. I think it’s because of two main reasons – first, I’ve been feeling much better health-wise, and it’s been such a relief to know that feeling “normal” (or at least, my own version of normal) again is possible, and second, we’ve had at least a few days of spring-like weather. I’ve also really tried to use my weekend time to relax, too. All of these things have left me feeling much more content overall, which has been a really nice feeling. In turn, it hasn’t felt like a struggle to find things that I feel grateful for. So here’s what’s on my gratitude list this month.

Spring-Like Days

I mentioned this above already, but really, the few days of absolutely beautiful, spring-like days (in February! in Pittsburgh!) really do top my gratitude list. I was starting to feel extremely cooped up, and being able to sit outside and read and feel the warm, warm sun on my skin was incredible. It helped me feel like I’ll be able to get through any more gloomy days thrown at me until spring is here for good.

Visits from Family

My aunt and uncle, who I haven’t seen since sometime before 2020, were able to fly in and visit over the weekend! It was so nice to catch up after so long, and I was extra grateful that they masked on their flight and tested before coming over to visit. It’s nice when people are understanding and willing to take the necessary precautions to make the visit safe for me and my family.

Feeling Balanced

These past few weeks especially have felt like a good mix of time at home to rest and relax, and having some plans, too – visits with friends and family, seeing a show at the Benedum. It can be tough in the winter, especially having to continue to assess health risks every time I make plans, to not feel stuck and bored sometimes. But I’ve just felt like I happened on the right balance, and it’s made me feel extremely content.

Community Online

Just like Pittsburgh can feel like a small city sometimes with the ways everyone is connected to each other, my little internet community has felt that same way a few times recently. I’ve had a few different interactions where I’ve found that people I’ve met online know other people I’ve met online, or I’ve “run into” people in different virtual places. Just a nice little reminder that I’ve found my people online, and it makes me so happy and grateful.

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