January Favorites

Even though I spent the (vast) majority of January at home, it still feels like the month flew – I can’t believe it’s already February. Here are my favorite things from the last month.

ACOTAR in GraphicAudio

I cannot get enough of GraphicAudio audiobooks – the tagline is “a movie for your mind,” and they’re not wrong! It’s a full cast recording of books, plus background music exactly like you’d have it a movie. It is so incredibly immersive, and I am obsessed. Since I’ve already read ACOTAR, I can listen to it in the background while I work, just like I usually have the TV on. I’ve also been replacing my Headspace Sleepcasts with a 30 minute sleep timer on the audiobook (I listen on Scribd), and I put the volume low enough that it lulls me to sleep. I just love it.

Smart Space Heater

I hate being cold, and since I have bad circulation, it’s basically a constant battle. I especially hate it first thing in the morning, when I’m all warm and cozy in bed but my room is chilly from the door being shut all night. But with my smart space heater, I can turn the heater on from my phone (or using Alexa) while I’m still in bed, when my first alarm goes off. The room then at least starts to warm up while I snooze, and it makes the transition the tiniest bit easier.

My Espresso Machine

I do not think this is the first month my new espresso machine has made my favorites list, but I have been extra into it this month. Being able to get a delicious macchiato or cappuccino at home, and not having to deal with the January cold and snow, has been incredible. And my wallet and bank account are happy with me spending less money at coffee shops! It’s definitely an investment, but it’s brought joy to me every single day.

Personalized Book Locket

I shared this on Instagram last month, and so many of you loved this as much as I do! It’s just the cutest – a tiny book charm (that you can get your initial engraved on the front of) that has a tiny piece of paper folded up inside! You can get anything you want written on the little strip – I, to the surprise of no one, went with an ACOTAR quote. It’s honestly even cuter in person than it looks online. I love it.

ZitSticka Killa Patches

I’ve been dealing with some annoying breakouts lately, and I feel like I’ve tried a number of different pimple patches at this point! In my opinion, these are the best – especially for zits that are still in the early stages and are still “underground.” They have little tiny microdarts that help the salicylic acid get under the surface of the skin, into the pores where it’s needed the most. I also really appreciate it comes with a small alcohol wipe so that you’re not spreading bacteria when you apply it. I like to put it on before bed and leave it on all night long so it can really get to work.

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