Life Lately, February 2023

February was mostly a cozy, at home month – it was actually pretty busy, but mostly with things that I did at home. So there will be lots of pictures of the mundane, everyday things in this month’s Life Lately! I realize it might not be the most exciting read, but sometimes these kinds of posts are the ones I enjoy reading the most on other people’s blogs… the little peeks into people’s daily lives rather than the glossy version we see on Instagram. It’s relatable and honest! So here’s what my life has looked like lately.

This is a time that I actually did leave the house! I saw the Jagged Little Pill tour almost a month ago now. It was really fun – if you’re not familiar, it’s a musical where all the songs are Alanis Morissette songs! I think I was a tiny bit young when her album came out to really be obsessed with it, but I knew most of the songs from the musical anyway – a testament to the staying power of her music! The show is dark, and deals with some very serious content, but it was really powerful. There was also a reference to a g-tube (the kind of feeding tube I have), which I have definitely never heard on a stage before, so that was pretty cool.

The rest of the month has been much, much more laid back. Simba and I both had the same kind of relaxation in mind, and he loves the ChappyWrap almost as much as I do! He just looked so cozy here, I loved it.

In other animal content, the deer have been stopping by every few days. This day, though, there was a serious crowd that all stopped by at the same time. I think there were actually two more that were slightly out of frame of the camera, bringing the grand total to eight deer! I love that they always know they can have a nice little dinner here.

The Tiny Tassel sent me these super cute XOXO earrings for Valentine’s Day! I love how lightweight they are for statement earrings – they feel like wearing nothing at all, basically. I had the chance to visit The Tiny Tassel store in Charleston when I visited last summer, and it really is so cute – I bought my friends little gifts and they all loved them!

We had a 70 degree day, which is incredibly rare for Pittsburgh in February. Both Lily and I decided to go outside and make sure we took advantage of it! It made me feel like I could get through the rest of the winter knowing that spring really is ahead. I’m so ready to be outside all the time!

We celebrated my mom’s birthday! We’re still trying to avoid indoor crowds, so we went with a celebration at home rather than going out. But we did get a Milkbar red velvet cake delivered to mark the occasion! It definitely made it feel celebratory and OMG, was it delicious.

It was, in fact, so delicious that I decided to have cake and coffee for breakfast one day (okay, maybe more than one day). The best part about using a feeding tube overnight and needing to gain weight is that I never feel “bad” for eating something like this for breakfast. In my opinion, it’s the perfect way to start the day.

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