Small Daily Joys

I know I’ve been talking a lot about hibernating and spending time at home, but it really is the reality of my life right now! And it’s really easy for the sameness, day after day after day after day, to get old… fast. So I do my best to set up little routines throughout the day – little things that I can do just for myself, that bring me joy and break up the monotony a little bit. I’m definitely someone who finds joy in routine, so it’s a little bit of that, but also just taking those moments for myself every day.

In talking with my friends, it seems like I am not the only person who is feeling a little bit of monotony right now! So I thought I’d share some of the little things I’ve built into my life every day to break it up and bring me a little bit of joy.

Morning Coffee and Reading

I start each and every single day with coffee. I could say that this is one of those little joys, but really, it’s just pure necessity. But reading while drinking that first cup is the thing that makes me start my morning in a good mood. I got the idea from Phoebe at Read and Wright, and I know it sounds ridiculous but I just… never thought to read first thing in the morning! It really just puts me in such a great mood and sets the tone for the rest of my day.

Audiobook While I Get Ready

This is a new thing I’ve started doing, but it’s been a great way to get more into audiobooks for me. I’ve found that audiobooks are the perfect thing to listen to while I’m getting ready in the morning (and getting un-ready in the evening). I can’t really look at a page or screen while I’m doing my makeup or skincare, but I can listen to a book. Even if it’s only 20 minutes, it’s the perfect way to pass that time.

Having my Macchiato

I already mentioned that I am a big coffee person. It really, truly does bring me joy! But my daily macchiato… okay, macchiatos really bring me joy, especially that first sip. That moment where I realize I’m having coffee so good it could have come from a coffee shop, but it really just came from my kitchen? That never gets old.

Evening Skincare Routine

A few years after I graduated college, I started getting into skincare. I’m especially into the science of it, actually – researching and choosing products that are effective and not damaging to my skin. I have crafted a nice little evening skincare routine for myself – nothing too elaborate, but it makes me feel good to know that I’m taking care of my skin.

CBD and Reading in Bed

I have been using CBD for over two years now, and I especially love it as part of my nighttime routine. Sleeping with a disability can be tough – sometimes it’s hard to get and stay comfy in bed – so I will take any aid that CBD can give me in that respect! And I’ve really grown to love reading a bit before bed, whether it’s an ebook or an audiobook. It doesn’t need to even be 30 minutes of reading, but it’s just a nice way for me to transition from evening to bedtime.

Headspace Sleepcast To Fall Asleep

This last one is a pandemic habit that has turned into one of my absolute favorite things. I don’t necessarily have a ton of trouble falling asleep – I’m kind of chronically tired – but there are definitely days that I can’t make my brain turn off. I’m not necessarily feeling anxious, but it’s more like I just keep thinking of more things to add to my to do list, more blog post topic ideas… just more, more, more. But turning on a Headspace Sleepcast, which is kind of like a bedtime story (or sometimes, re-listening to the Graphic Audio version of ACOTAR), gives my brain something else to focus on and relax. It’s incredibly soothing, and I find myself actually looking forward to it!

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