Accidentally Adaptive: Automatic Dispenser

In my Accidentally Adaptive series, I share products or services that aren’t specifically designed to be adaptive but have a particular use for me as a disabled woman.

I love using micellar water to take off my makeup and cleanse my face. I alternate between washing my face at the sink and using micellar water – I know that the sink is “better,” but it’s also less accessible for me. I have to get my wheelchair lined up just right, I have to drape towels all over me to keep me from getting soaked, and I have to get help with the whole process. So once a day I deal with it, and once a day I use my go-to Bioderma micellar water.

But the bottle of micellar water can be heavy, and I’ve dropped more times than I can count in my attempts to soak the cotton pad. I saw a TikTok video of someone using a tiny water dispenser (like a water cooler you’d see in an office, but a miniature version) for micellar water, and a lightbult went off in my brain! After lots of searching and a few failed products, I landed on this automatic dispenser and have been using it daily for over a month now. It’s not necessarily designed with easier, adaptive dispensing of micellar water in mind, but WOW it works so well!

If you’re not familiar with micellar water, it’s a makeup remover and cleanser that doesn’t need to be rinsed. You just soak a cotton pad with it, use it to take off your makeup and cleanse your face, and you’re done. I am loyal to the Bioderma one – it doesn’t strip my skin or leave it feeling tight, and it really does get every last trace of makeup off. It’s super easy to use and super accessible for me.

This automatic dispenser has only made it more accessible. I think it was originally designed to be used for nail polish remover at salons, but it works with any liquid you want. You just take off the lid, fill it – in my case, with micellar water – and then put the lid back on. There’s a sensor on the top, and a little hole for the liquid to be dispensed through. You wave the cotton pad over the sensor, and voila! Micellar water comes up and out through the hole, soaking the cotton pad.

There are a few other nice features, too – you can control how much liquid comes out each time, and the top of the dispenser has a little well built into it that collects any excess water. That’s especially great because it keeps me from making a mess on the top of my vanity. I love how inconspicuous it looks, too – it’s pretty small, and it doesn’t look oddly out of my place sitting out with my makeup and skincare.

Really, though, the best part is just how easy it the automatic dispenser is for me to use! It might not have been created as a disability friendly, adaptive product, but it works that way for me.

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