Disabled While Grocery Shopping

When I asked what kind of “Disabled While…” posts people were interested in reading, grocery shopping was one of the most popular answers! I never would’ve thought that this would be something people were curious about, but I guess it does make sense, since it’s one of the most basic yet most important household tasks.

Grocery shopping is actually one of the things that the pandemic made much easier for me, because the number of places that offered grocery delivery has skyrocketed. I actually haven’t been in a grocery store in over three years now, and I have no plans to go back anytime soon. Grocery delivery is one of the most accessible things for me! Since I live with my parents, what I used to do is just ask my parents to pick things up for me when they went shopping. But now I can virtually browse the aisles, add things I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise, and just be more independent while picking my groceries. So I’m going to share the grocery delivery services that I use regularly.

Walmart InHome

I didn’t know that Walmart did in-home delivery until they reached out to me last year about working together. My sponsored post with them is long over now, but I am still a dedicated user of their in-home service because of how accessible it is! Basically, with in-home delivery, the drivers actually come into your house and put away your groceries in the fridge and on your counter. The drivers are carefully vetted, and you can let them deliver to your garage if you’re not comfortable with people in your house. You are required to use a smart lock if you want the groceries delivered inside your home – Walmart will work with you to get it installed before your first delivery – but it’s so easy and seamless. (I have more details on the whole In-Home process in this post.) You grocery shop like normal using the Walmart app, and then just select the In-Home delivery option during the checkout process. Walmart always has all the basics and the name brands that some other stores don’t, so it’s easy to stock up on the things I need. And because the groceries are delivered inside, I don’t need to make sure that someone is around and not in a meeting to bring the groceries inside.

Walmart Delivery

The one downside to In-Home is that sometimes, the availability is limited. If I’m not in a rush for my groceries, I will just place the order and take whenever the next open In-Home date is. But sometimes, I’m too low on milk, or something else I use every day, to wait for the next open spot. In those cases, I’ll use the regular Walmart delivery. I just need to make sure someone in my house is available during the one-hour delivery window to bring the things inside. It’s still an easy and convenient process.

Whole Foods Delivery

Whole Foods is my other most frequently used grocery delivery service. I tend to order a lot of meat/seafood from Whole Foods, but I also am a frequent purchaser from their chef’s case selections and their bakery! Being able to order fresh prepared food from the chef’s case (like their teriyaki salmon) makes it really easy to get a dinner for myself on nights that I’m not a fan of whatever the rest of their family is eating. And my sister and I are huge fans of the tiramisu from the bakery, which we’ll order enough of to have dessert for a few days. When you order, you choose a two hour window for delivery, but you’ll get a notification when the shopper is picking up your items and when the driver is on the way, and you can use the Amazon app to track the driver so you know exactly when it’ll arrive. Since I can’t bring in the groceries myself, being able to track it to make sure someone is around is super helpful.

There are definitely other grocery options out there, but these three are the ones that I use most frequently. I’m really glad that grocery delivery options have expanded – they’re really great for accessibility and independence.

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