Friday Favorites

This week started out pretty slowly, but ramped up pretty quickly and got much busier than anticipated. I also went to the dentist this week for the first time in… a while. Not only was I avoiding all medical appointments that weren’t absolutely necessary because of the pandemic, but finding a dentist who is willing to work with me (and my mouth that can’t open super wide) is actually a real challenge! So I had really built it up in my head and was dreading the appointment… and it ended up not being bad at all! Which was great, but I definitely felt a little exhausted from all the pent-up anxiety I had before the appointment. Basically, what all of this means is that I’m extremely ready for the weekend.

On to this week’s favorites.

The Year of the Hype Woman

Elizabeth Holmes (who I’m lucky enough to call one of *my* hype women!) shared this article earlier this week and I just love it. I’ve always felt super strongly that supporting and cheerleading your friends is so important! I’m so grateful to have friends that I’ve known since childhood – friends who have never been competitive, but who have always supported each other’s successes (and been there for our failures, too!). I am here for the year of the hype woman!

Boy Brow

Okay, last week I mentioned that I was going to try Glossier’s Boy Brow now that it’s available at Sephora, and I’m happy to report that I’m now a huge fan. I’m using the shade brown and it’s a perfect match for me – it makes my eyebrows look darker and fuller, but still natural. And it stays in place all day with no smudging. I love it.

Relying on Youth Activists

I thought this article from Teen Vogue about our reliance on youth activists to change the world is really important. We put so much pressure on youth activists – many of whom have recently gone through unfathomably tragic events – to advocate for immense change. Of course, it’s important to listen to them and what they’ve gone through, but we shouldn’t rely on them to change the world! I can’t imagine being thrust into the spotlight at 17 and feeling like the weight of the world was on me.

How to Fight for Tennessee Trans Rights

I shared this post on Instagram earlier this week, and wanted to make sure to share here, too. Trans rights are being attacked in many places across the US right now, but especially in Tennessee. This post has some actionable ways for people to fight for trans rights, even if you’re not a Tennessee resident.

J.Crew Spring Sale

J.Crew has a bunch of their spring items up to 50% off right now, with no code needed. This beautiful smocked waist dress in a Liberty fabric is 50% off, making it $115 – not cheap, but a great deal in my opinion!

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