Friday Favorites

I don’t know if it’s the time change or what, but I have been struggling with my productivity and my energy this week – my brain has just felt so foggy all the time! I’m hoping I can come back next week feeling refreshed. I am super excited for this weekend, actually, because I’m seeing the musical Six, and I’ve been looking forward to this for months! I can’t wait.

On to the favorites!

Nap Dress in Spring Floral

Hill House released a “spring floral” cotton print earlier this week – it’s the prettiest watercolor inspired florals in blue and purple. I couldn’t resist! I am telling myself I can wear it for Easter (even though my plans are just… at my house). If you have real Easter plans, the dress would be perfect.

Leave Your Mark Podcast

My sister and I went on the Leave Your Mark podcast, and the episode went live earlier this week! We actually don’t do many interviews / things like this together anymore, so it was fun to have someone to back up my stories. I love being on podcasts and getting to talk about my life and my story – it’s just really fun to share.

Fake Assistant

Okay, this article about creating a fake assistant to send the emails or ask the favors that you feel awkward sending?! Kind of genius. I’m honestly tempted to try it out myself! I am so bad at asking for extras – even if the worst thing someone can do is say no, I still find it SO hard to ask. But my “assistant” might find it a lot easier!

Relaxed Shirtdress

This relaxed shirtdress from J.Crew is the epitome of casual and cool and effortless. Apparently the Irish linen it’s made with is supposed to be extra soft, too! The navy is such a great classic color choice, and it’s currently 25% off with SHOP25.

Dangers of AI

I feel bad ending on a downer, but this is a really important article to share. There’s so much talk right now about the power of ChatGPT and AI… and while I definitely think there is great potential for it, I wanted to share some of the potential problems, too. AI is still coded by humans, who are biased, and inadvertantly write those biases into the algorithms. This article shows the very serious, real life consequences that can have.

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