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This week has felt extremely long, and there’s just been so much going on, in my own life but also in the world. It always feels strange to write about the week after (another) act of gun violence – everything just feels trite and cliche. I don’t really have anything that hasn’t already been said over and over again, but I am sharing one way you can take action if you, like me, firmly believe we need to do something now about gun control and gun violence.

Ask Congress to create an Office of Gun Violence Prevention

Emily in Your Phone, one of my favorite Instagram follows for all things political, has a great script for calling your representatives and asking them to sign on to create an Office of Gun Violence Prevention. Is this the only thing that needs to change? No. But it is one tangible thing we can do now.

Emily Henry Profile

Okay, on a much lighter note, I loved this profile of Emily Henry. I will read anything she writes – I’ve already preordered her new book that comes out next month. This article just captured Emily and her books so well – they’re romance, but they also feel like they’re about real, relatable people. And I think this, especially, is why I love her books so much:

“Love and respect actually do go hand in hand,” Henry says, “and I’m not sure that’s something that was modeled much in our media growing up. There was even that whole craze where they were like, ‘Women need love, and men need respect.’ I need both, and if I’m choosing, I maybe even need respect more.”

Blue and White Mini Dress

This blue and white mini dress from Abercrombie is so cute, and it’s under $100! I love the print, the ruching in the front, and the puff sleeves. It’s just so pretty and perfect for spring!

Importance of Telehealth

I was asked to be part of a panel discussion on the importance of telehealth last week on WESA, our local NPR radio station. Telehealth has been such an important way for me to access care over the last 3 years, and I’m really hopeful that it sticks around. You can listen to the whole thing here – it’s about 20 minutes long.

The Tired Trope of the ‘Power Hungry’ Woman

This piece, written by Gisele Fetterman, is so incredibly powerful. I have so much empathy for what she and her family have gone through in the past few years, and she has handled everything with such grace and kindness, it’s truly impressive. Definitely read the whole thing, but I want to leave you with these words at the end of her essay:

“Try as we may, we can’t fight fire with fire. We can’t out-hate a force set on denying our essential humanity. And even if I could, I wouldn’t want to carry that torch.

What we can do is continue to live with love every day. To show gentleness and compassion to everyone, including ourselves. To reject their venom wholesale, and be wholly, independently who we’re meant to and want to be.

Because we are enough—exactly as we are.”

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