Gratitude List, March 2023

Every time I sit down to write a gratitude list post, it feels like it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been feeling so burnt out lately that I really do need the reminder right now to sit back and think about all of the little things going on that I am feeling grateful for.

Brighter Evenings

While I still am very much not a fan of “losing” an hour when we turned the clocks back, having longer, brighter evenings really has been nice. It’s been the reminder I needed that spring really is on its way. I’ve loved looking outside at 6:30 PM and still seeing some sunshine! It makes a huge difference mentally.

Summer Plans

I’ve been solidifying some plans for the summer – some traveling, some concerts and festivals – and it’s just made me feel so happy and excited. Both because I am a Type A planner and like to have everything locked down, but also because it’s giving me fun things to look forward to after feeling stuck for the last month or so.

New Desk Setup

I have finally, after three years working at home, formalized my desk setup. I don’t have an official office, but I have taken over the corner of a room and upgraded my desk, plus gotten a big monitor, wireless keyboard, etc. It just feels more permanent and settled, and of course, the bigger monitor is a huge improvement.

Magical Moment with the Deer

As the temperatures warm up, we tend to see the deer less and less in our backyard. But when I was headed up to bed the other night, I looked out the back door and saw five or six deer out there – and realized that three of them were laying down, taking a nap. I went outside for a few minutes to feed them (and just stare at them!), and it was late at night, and so quiet, and it just felt kind of magical to be out there with them. Special and serene.

Warmer and Sunnier Days

Over the weekend I sat outside in a t-shirt with my coffee and my book and just soaked in the spring air and the sunshine. I felt extremely content and peaceful! I know I’ve mentioned many, many times how ready I am for spring, but I really am beyond ready for warmth all the time. Being able to enjoy sitting outside was exactly what I needed, and the perfect way to spend some time on Sunday.

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