Life Lately, March 2023

Recently, whenever I go to write these, I feel like I’ll have nothing to share – only to go through my camera roll and find a bunch of fun little moments that have happened. This month also has two musicals that I went to, which feels like a lot in and of itself, but really, it’s the little moments that I like to look back on.

My month started with a big moment, though – seeing Beetlejuice the musical. This is where I confess I think I’ve only seen the movie maybe once? I know the general concept, but I don’t know the details. Even without knowing the movie, though, the musical was really fun! The stage and effects were really impressive, and as always, the talent was incredible.

I’m not sure if I’ve already shared this “trick” I taught Lily or not. Since she’s small and can’t jump directly on my lap, she knows to jump onto the couch, then onto the arm of the couch, where she can just hop right onto my lap. Whenever I do actually leave the house and then come back, this is where she meets me… and greets me with about a thousand kisses. It’s really cute.

Just a little behind the scenes of a podcast I did with Jess! You can watch the whole thing here if you’re interested. We haven’t done that many things like this together, actually, so it was fun to see each of our takes on the questions.

I have been obsessed with ordering takeout from Anthos Cafe lately – the make Greek food that is so ridiculously delicious I cannot get enough. I can also attest that they make a delicious macchiato, and every time I’ve ordered they’ve also sent a little surprise bakery treat and a handwritten thank you. How cute is that?!

I just thought this picture of Lily post-haircut was extremely cute. You can see her little snaggletooth and underbite on full display. She rides in this little seat in the car because she likes to be able to look out the window!

And finally – ending the month with a musical for a full circle moment. I have been looking forward to seeing Six for months now, and it did not disappoint. It’s basically an hour and a half pop concert put on by the six ex-wives of King Henry XIV. It is pure pop fun and I loved every minute of it! Of course, I couldn’t resist going all out in my sequin nap dress, and even brought my crown for a quick photo opp. No regrets!

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