My Stationary

I have always been a collector of pretty stationary, notecards, and notebooks – for years, I couldn’t go into a Barnes & Noble without picking up a new set of notecards. But over the last three years or so, I’ve gotten much more consistent about writing and sending little handwritten notes. There’s just something that feels so personal about sending a friend a note of congratulations, or good luck, or even just saying hi. It’s a little more permanent than a text, and it takes a little more effort, too, so it feels more meaningful to me!

Since I’ve been sending notes consistently, I decided it was time to get some new stationary that I love. I feel really sophisticated sending out cards from my personalized set, and especially when I seal them with my wax stamp kit. I’m sharing the details of what I use in today’s post.

My stationary is from Haute Papier – I bought from their Etsy shop. I think I originally found them through Grace – she posted about them on Instagram and I loved how they looked. I really love a personalized notecard – it just feels like a little something extra, knowing that they’re truly something only I have! The shop has so many incredible personalization options – you can choose your name or a monogram, choose which font you’d like, and the color of the ink. The shop will also work with you for customized requests, too!

I went with something pretty basic – my name, white paper, gold ink, and font S89. There’s also an option for return address stamping and envelope liners, but I was trying to keep the costs down a bit for my first order! The quality is seriously incredible, though. The paper is really nice and thick – it feels really nice as you’re writing on it, as strange as that might seem! And the name (or monogram) is letterpressed on – I didn’t actually realize what that meant ahead of time, but I really love it. My name isn’t just printed on the card – I can actually feel each letter! (Which, yes, does seem obvious after the fact when I read letterpressed.)

The shop will send you a proof of your card before they’re sent to you, so you can catch any errors before it’s too late. I can’t quite remember how long it took them to get to me once I approved the proof – they’re handmade and personalized, so it’s not a two day shipping deal, but it was pretty quick! I really love them so much and get a little jolt of joy every time I write someone a note.

My newest addition to my stationary game, though, has been this wax seal and stamp set. It really does feel like I’m taking the whole thing to another level, and once I got the hang of it, it was actually pretty easy! I got my stamp and wax from Amazon (this kit), but I know art stores typically carry them, too. I went with an “H” but you can also get a symbol, and I’m sure you could order an even more personalized one from Etsy like this. It’s just the perfect extra detail for my note.

I’m not an expert, but here’s my process for using the wax and stamp. My kit came with a little votive candle, but any candle will do, as long as you don’t mind if it gets ruined – some of the wax tends to drip on the candle while you’re heating it. I light the candle, and have the little metal scoop ready (I set it on a candle dish to be safe). You hold the wax stick above the candle, but not directly in the flame, until it starts to melt – it happened within a few seconds for me. Then hold it over the metal scoop to drip into, and then bring it back above the candle to melt again, then back to drip in the scoop, and on and on. Once there’s enough in the scoop – I just estimated, but I don’t even think you need to fill it halfway – take the scoop and hold it above the candle until the wax in the scoop is liquidy again. Then you pour over your envelope seal and push the stamp down into the liquid wax. Leave it there until the wax is completely hardened – maybe 60 seconds? – and then lift the stamp. Voila!

Is personalized stationary with a wax seal necessary? Absolutely not. But it makes me so happy each time I write a note, and sometimes that’s what matters the most.

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