Spring Bucket List

It might not feel like spring at the moment I’m writing this (it’s under 50 degrees), but it is March and we have had a few spring-like days, so my mind has started to mentally move on. I’ve also started to get that itchy, restless feeling that I get after feeling like I’ve been spending waaaay too much time in my house. This is something that happens to me every year (disabled + cold and snow really don’t mix in my case), though it’s definitely been worse the last two years when I’ve been even more stuck inside. So to give myself something to look forward to, I thought I’d make a spring bucket list. Some of these are fun things that I want to do, some are changes I want to make, and some are habits that I want to continue.

Get Ice Cream at Jeni’s

I’m usually more of a summer ice cream person, but I have been wanting to go to the new Jeni’s location that opened in Pittsburgh for months now! And since they just released a new Ted Lasso inspired flavor – Biscuits with the Boss – sometime in the next month or two seems like the perfect time to go. It’ll be the perfect treat on a day that’s warm enough that I can pretend it’s almost summer.

Read Outside Somewhere Different

I love reading outside on my back patio – it really is one of my happy places. But I am feeling the need to be somewhere, anywhere, that’s not my own house. So I want to pack my iPad and read somewhere different – a coffee shop, a park, whatever! Just a good book and some new vibes sounds like something I very much need right now.

Be Better About Mindless Spending

I definitely indulged in some retail therapy over the last few months. Sometimes when I start to feel trapped and stuck inside, I do some shopping for the person that I wish I was – the person who isn’t wearing pajamas all day on a Saturday, but who is putting on real outfits and doing things. I didn’t go too overboard, but I want to cut back just a little for the spring.

Tea at The Frick

I am almost certain that I put this on a bucket list that I did last year… and it didn’t happen! So this time, I’m going to commit. Tea at The Frick is one of my absolute favorite things – they have the three tiered tea service and the best scones and clotted cream, and it has been way too long since I’ve had it! They also have the best little outdoor patio. So when the weather cooperates, this is on the top of my list.

Keep Prioritizing Rest

Since August, I have been forced to prioritize rest, since my body refused to cooperate otherwise. Sometimes it’s been annoying, but it’s also had a lot of benefits – I’m better rested, and I’m just happier and in a better mood. I know that once it’s nicer outside, I’m going to be tempted to push this, and do more and sleep less. So this is my reminder to myself that rest is non-negotiable!

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