Ballet Wrap Sweater

I get really excited when a style trend just… works perfectly for me! There are lots and lots of misses, so I get extra excited when one of them does work. Right now, I’m loving the ballet-style wrap sweaters that I’m seeing everywhere, like this one I picked up from Madewell.

We’re in that in-between time right now, weather-wise, where I am ready for spring and summer and to wear all my sundresses all the time, but it’s not really warm enough to do that. Obviously, I could just put a cardigan over top, but sometimes the proportions just don’t look right, or it makes the outfit a lot more casual than I want it to be. But a ballet-style wrap sweater? That adds a layer without adding too much volume, and doesn’t cover up the lines of the dress, either.

I went with this ribbed version of Madewell, and I love it! It’s kind of a cross between a sweater and a top – the texture isn’t really sweater material, but it is still thin and layer-able like a sweater would be. It works so well over the dress – it doesn’t cover up so much that you can’t see the top of the dress, and because it’s so thin, it doesn’t get weirdly lumpy laying on top, which is my personal pet peeve. I hate when I have to constantly tug at something to get it to lay right, and I didn’t have that issue with this sweater.

The sweater is actually a faux wrap – you still put it on over your head – but there’s still some adjustability where the tie is. And it’s slightly cropped, which I think works really well for dresses, and works especially well for someone like me who has a short torso! The sweater is currently on sale for $50, and as of now, all the sizes are still available!

If you like the shape, but not the ribbed texture isn’t for you, there are other options! Hill House has a version that’s a true wrap sweater made from Merino wool. And Abercrombie has a cotton blend version in gray and black – on sale for $35, but in limited sizes.

No matter which version you go with, I think a ballet style wrap sweater is the perfect spring layering piece.

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