Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, and happy birthday to my sister Jess! We’re having a few friends over for a little fire on our patio and I’m very excited. The weather is cooperating and it looks like it’s going to be gorgeous – it’s been so beautiful these past few days, and I’ve been spending as much time as possible outside. I’m trying to soak up all the sun (safely!) that I can.

Selma Blair on British Vogue

Selma Blair’s book Mean Baby was one of my standouts from last year, and her cover story here for British Vogue just continues that excellence. I am in awe of how she has embraced the label of disabled and really sought out the disability community. This quote from her interview is so powerful:

“I have an emotional and physical attachment to the cane,” she explains. “I settle in my voice and body as soon as I hold [it]. It’s an extension of me. And I know it adds to visibility. So many younger people have started publicly embracing their sticks more. I do think representation matters. If I can help remove stigma or over-curiosity in a crowd for someone else, then that’s great.”

Gianni Bini x Venita Aspen

If you don’t follow Venita Aspen, you should – she’s a model, on Bravo’s Southern Charm, and also really great about highlighting adaptive fashion and products. She recently released a collection with Gianni Bini at Dillard’s, and everything is gorgeous!! I especially love this dress – the bright colors are so fun, and I love anything that ties at the shoulders.

Hayley Williams’ Tennessee Salon

I think it’s really cool when celebrities quietly do things that matter – when it’s clear that they’re not doing it for the publicity, but because it’s something personal and important to them. Hayley Williams opening a queer-friendly, inclusive hair salon in Tennessee, a state where LGBTQ+ rights are under attack, is exactly that. This is a really great article about why she opened the salon and why it matters to her.

Candle Snob Hat

Hotel Lobby Candle did make me a candle snob, so it seems only fitting that they came out with a hat with that phrase on it! I’m not a huge hat person but I’m tempted to buy it anyway, just because it’s so accurate. They also came out with a sweatshirt that looks perfectly worn in and cozy!

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