Thursday Favorites

I’m sharing this week’s favorites on day early – Sephora’s big sale starts tomorrow for Rouge members, so I have a post going up with all of my favorites. I have been living my best outdoors life this week, which mostly means taking my book and my coffee out onto the patio any time I have a five minute break. It makes me so, so much happier.

On to the favorites!

Le Specs Sunglasses

Like I said, I’ve been spending more time outside, and at least for the last few days, the sun has been out! I think I want to pick up a new, more “fun” pair of sunglasses – I’m thinking about this pair (love the name), these Air Heart ones, or these with mirrored lenses.

Barbie The Movie

I am unabashedly extremely excited for the Barbie movie to come out this summer – the new trailer they released looks so good. I was a huge, huge Barbie fan when I was young – I even had a pink and purple, official Mattel-branded Barbie wheelchair, and my sister and I called our playroom “the Barbie room.” I can’t wait to see what happens when Barbie and Ken leave Barbieland.

Auli’i Cravalho Embraces her Power

I really admire everything that Auli’i has done – she became famous very, very quickly when she was still pretty young, and I’m just kind of in awe of her! I’m looking forward to watching The Power – I actually didn’t finish the book, but the concept was really interesting, so I’m hoping I enjoy it more in TV form.

Labour by Paris Paloma

This song keeps floating around my TikTok, and I find myself humming and singing it randomly throughout the day. Not only is it a beautiful and catchy song, but it’s also just a perfect statement about all of the labo(u)r – mental, physical, and emotional – that women are expected to take on.

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