Adaptive Jean Jacket

I love how the adaptive fashion market is starting to expand! I don’t always need an adaptive version of something, but there are times that it makes it a lot easier for me, and a jean jacket is one of those times. Which is why I was so excited to find this adaptive jean jacket from Target’s Universal Thread line!

Jackets in general are hard for me – they can be tricky to get my arms in and get pulled around my back, they can make it harder for me to use my arms and drive my wheelchair, and it can be difficult to get them to lay correctly on me while I’m sitting in my chair. Jean jackets can be especially hard, because denim can be really stiff, which just makes it harder for me to get it on and move around in it while I’m wearing it. So I’ve found one or two that have somewhat worked over the years, but I tend to not keep them on too long because they just feel too restrictive.

But this adaptive jean jacket is amazing! It’s still mostly a standard jean jacket – I don’t think you’d necessarily notice it’s adaptive unless you were looking really closely – but it has small, subtle changes to address a lot of the issues I usually have, and some I’ve never even thought about!

The first thing I noticed when I was putting on the jacket is the satin lining on the inside. Having someone else put a jacket on you can be hard, especially pulling the sleeves on. But the satin lining takes care of this issue completely – it slid on like a dream. It also has two little slits, one on each side, to help it look and fit right while sitting, and the front is a little bit shorter than the back to help with that too. The denim itself is super lightweight and stretchy, which also helps it get on easily and wear well!

Plus, there are some little details that I don’t usually think about, but made a big difference. The pockets on the front don’t have buttons, to take away a little weight and stiffness. The seams are all flat so they lay nicely. And the shoulder seams are raglan seams, which is huge, but something I’d never considered. It means there’s no seam sitting right on your shoulder, which makes the jacket way easier to get on, and way easier to move around while wearing.

Jean jackets are such a great layer for spring – I especially love them for dressing down a cute dress and adding a little warmth on a chillier day. I’m so excited to have this adaptive one that looks and feels good when I’m wearing it!

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