Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is one of the holidays that’s personally the most difficult for me to shop for, so I thought I’d share this year’s gift guide a little bit early in case you, too, struggle! I’m trying to stick with tried-and-true options and classic Dad favorites.

Dagne Dover Duffle

I have this duffle and love how sturdy it is, while also fitting a lot – it’s really perfect for travel. It’s a great, unisex style bag that would make a perfect gift for the dad who loves to travel, or who hasn’t replaced his luggage in… a while.

Bose Speaker

I love a good speaker as a gift, because it’s really the gift of the experience – they can take the speaker with them outside to enjoy some good music while they’re having their morning coffee, or take it to sing along with while working around the house. And of course, you can’t go wrong with Bose.

Meater+ Thermometer

This is probably my number one gift idea – I got this for my dad a few years ago, and it’s one of his favorite things. You can monitor the temperature of whatever you’re cooking / grilling / smoking from the app on your phone, so you never need to worry again about undercooked (or burnt) meat.


For the more sentimental Dad, Storyworth is a really cool idea. It e-mails out prompts to be filled out about the person’s life and experiences and memories, and compiles them all into a tangible book at the end of it. I love that it’s sentimental and a great coffee table book too.

Bombas Socks

I know socks seem like a boring gift, but dads can sometimes be hesitant to spend money on things like this, and Bombas socks are just the best. So it’s not the most exciting, but a little bit of luxury for the everyday.

Grilling Set

Is there anything more stereotypically Dad than a grilling set?! This one has so many different pieces, and comes together in a nice carrying case so you can keep them all together on the trek from the kitchen to the grill.

Courant Charging Pad

I just love how chic this charging pad is. It’s a great catchall for keys and other day to day things, but also has a charging pad area to charge your phone (or your AirPods). And it doesn’t look bulky sitting on your end table or desk.

Tech Travel Case

I have and love this tech travel case, and think it’d be a great gift for anyone. It’s the perfect way to keep all your cords and chargers organized while traveling, and makes them easier to find when unpacking, too.

Yeti Travel Mug

A classic, but classics are timeless for a reason! You really can’t go wrong with a Yeti coffee mug – it closes tightly, travels well, and really does keep coffee warm for hours. Add in a Starbucks gift cards or some coffee beans / grounds for a little something extra.

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