Friday Favorites

Pittsburgh has been so rainy this week – it makes me just want to curl up under a warm blanket with a good book! It also makes me feel a little bit stuck in my house, staring out at the rain through the window by my desk. On the plus side, though, everything is is so pretty and green in my backyard! I’m just hoping next week brings a little more sun with it. On to the favorites!

Disabled People and the Labor Movement

I’m continually impressed by how well Teen Vogue covers disability and intersectional issues. This piece is a really good look at disabled needs when we think about the labor movement, at what it looks like to protect disabled people at work, and at what a truly inclusive labor movement could and should look like, moving forward.

Meet Me at the Lake by Carley Fortune

This book came out in Tuesday, and I finished it in a little over a day… I was basically reading every spare moment that I could get. I really loved Carley Fortune’s first book, and this one didn’t disappoint, either. Two people get a second chance at love years after spending one magical day together, with the added bonus of a lakefront resort setting. It’s fun, but also has some real-life issues, and the perfect book to read outside, dreaming of summer.

Seventh Heaven Rewatch TikToks

I used to love Seventh Heaven back in the day – I remember watching every single week. But it’s been years, and I don’t remember much. A comedian has started rewatching and posting Tiktoks reacting to each of the episodes, and they are hilarious. I don’t remember the plot lines being so over the top! If you ever watched the show, you absolutely need to watch his videos.

Shelf Life: Judy Blume

Book recommendations from Judy Blume? Yes, please! I loved this round up of books she’s enjoyed and what she’s reading now – I saw a few that I’ve read and loved (everything by Curtis Sittenfield), and one that’s on my list of books to read (Solito). I’m going to go through it more closely and add a few more to my list, too!

Madewell Dress Sale

Madewell currently has 20% off their dresses with the code REFRESH. There are so many cute options if you’re looking for a new dress or two – I especially like this slip dress with a tie back, this midi dress with some sexy cutouts, and this casual dress with a smocked waist.

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