Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I had a busy start to this week for work, and I feel like I’ve been looking forward to the weekend since about Wednesday or so. But I also have something exciting to be looking forward to – I’m seeing Reneé Elise Goldsberry, the original Angelica Schuyler, perform with the Pittsburgh Symphony tomorrow night! I’m so excited and cannot wait. I also have a lot of favorites to share this week, so let’s get to it.

“Seeking a Lover, Not a Nurse”

I don’t talk about online dating a lot on here because it’s personal, but also because online dating while disabled can be hard and kind of demoralizing. This week’s Modern Love column in The New York Times touches on exactly that – it’s actually written by another woman who has SMA! I love that she’s practical but hopeful, and I actually am really comforted that our experiences are so similar. It’s nice to read that sometimes.

“Notes from Prince Harry’s Ghostwriter”

Another great article I read this week – reading about J.R. Moehringer’s experience as a ghostwriter (and specifically, as Prince Harry’s ghostwriter) was fascinating. The insight into the process, the time it took, and also the little glimpse of being hounded by the press when it leaked that he was the ghostwriter were all so interesting. It’s a longer read, but so worth it.

Positano Candle from Hotel Lobby Candle

I am such a Hotel Lobby Candle fan – they’re just the best, they smell so good without giving me that overpowering, overscented headache. And I was so excited to see their two new Italy-inspired candles that they released yesterday! I read the description for Positano and was instantly sold.

The Queen’s Coronation Dress

I will read anything and everything that Elizabeth Holmes writes about royal style, and this piece is no exception! I love how carefully she writes about fashion as a message, and the style of the coronation is certainly no exception. It’s so interesting to read about the thought and planning behind Queen Camilla’s dress, regardless of your thoughts on royalty / the BRF.

One-Shoulder Maxi Dress

I just love this maxi dress – the one shoulder style, the tiny navy floral print, and the smocking at the waist. It seems like the perfect dress to throw on and still look cute and put together – I’m imagining with a jean jacket on chillier spring days or nights.

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