Graduation Gifts

It’s that time of year again – high school and college graduations are near. If you’re looking for a graduation gift for someone in your life, I’m sharing a few suggestions today that are a mix of practical and special.

Appointed Notebook

Whether the grad in question is entering college or the “real world,” a pretty, slightly luxurious feeling lined notebook is the perfect gift. It’s useful, but you still feel a little bit grown up and fancy when you’re using it. Pair it with some nice pens for a little something extra – my favorites are the felt tip Le Pens.

Carry On Suitcase

Nice luggage is one of those gifts that’s always appreciated! This is the larger carry on from Away – perfect for a spring break trip or post-college travel. A real piece of luggage is something most grads haven’t gotten yet, and is such a special gift to get.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Everyone appreciates noise cancelling headphones! Whether they’re being used to block out noise while studying, while commuting, or while working from home, they are such a great gift for a recent graduate. The over-the-ears kind like these are especially great for travel, too.

A Steamer

This is one of those super practical gifts that recent grads typically haven’t thought to buy yet, but end up really appreciating. Whether you’re steaming a gown for a college formal, or something to wear to work, a steamer is so useful and a great “welcome to adulthood” present.

Special Jewelry

I really love the idea of gifting a special piece of jewelry as a graduation gift – it’s so nice to always have those memories to associate with the piece! There are so many options, but I think this little charm from Catbird with the message “the light you shed will spread” feels especially appropriate for a recent graduate.

Duffle Bag

I love my duffle from Dagne Dover, and it’s a great travel-related gift for a recent grad because of how easy it is to use! It works equally well as a carry on for a plane as it does thrown in the car for a road trip, and the neoprene is pretty indestructible, so it will last for a long time.

Leather Tote

Something about a leather tote bag just screams polished and put together adult to me. This is particularly great as a gift for a college graduate about to start their first real world job – it will fit everything they need to take with them. And Cuyana’s version just looks so chic, too.

Tech Organizer

Another travel-related gift! This tech organizer is one of those gifts that is practical, but makes you look and feel so organized having a tech organizer when you travel. It’s also nice because it’s something most people don’t think to buy for themselves, but end up loving once they have it.

Travel Coffee Mug

And of course – you can never, ever go wrong with a coffee-related gift. Whether the grad is taking coffee with them to class or the library, to their new office, or even to their work-from-home desk setup, this travel mug will keep the coffee warm AND it won’t spill all over. You could even throw in a Starbucks gift card if you’re feeling extra generous.

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