Life Lately, May 2023

I cannot believe we’re already halfway through May and it’s time to write this post! This last month has finally felt like spring (and sometimes even summer!), so I’ve been trying to spend lots of time outside, reading or working. My allergies don’t necessarily love it, but I’m so much happier when I can get in some sunshine and fresh air. It’s probably not the most exciting month in review, but it’s been pretty nice.

I have been ordering lots of Greek food from Anthos Cafe on UberEats – it’s so, so good. They accidentally forgot to send my macchiato once (it happens!), immediately made sure UberEats called me to let me know, and have been sending me bonus pastries every time I order to make it up to me. They obviously don’t need to, but it’s so sweet of them, and I’ve been loving trying out all the fun things they send!

I may have shared this picture in another post already – I can’t remember! We’ve had a few nights that have been absolutely perfect weather for a patio fire, and I just love it so much. I wrap myself in my ChappyWrap shawl and settle back with my mountain pie for dinner. It’s a great excuse to have friends over to hang out and spend a few hours catching up.

I’ve started a little tradition where I have a frozen margarita or two out on my patio on Friday evenings after work. I make them ahead of time (it’s just the frozen Limeaid mix, plus crushed ice, tequila, and triple sec), and then take them out sometime Friday afternoon. I’m not a huge drinker at all, but it’s just made me feel like summer is actually coming, and I’m beyond ready. I don’t have margarita glasses, so I decided to drink from my champagne coupes for an added touch of class.

I also brought out the mini solo stove for one of my Friday night margaritas when it was just a little bit chillier that I was hoping. I’m not sure how much warmth it really adds, but it’s so much fun to light. I still need to try to roast some s’mores over it and see how well it does! It’s so cute, though, and I love it.

Simba’s fur is growing back in nicely! He looked so cozy curled up on my ChappyWrap the other morning that I decided to leave the bed un-made so he could keep chilling in his cozy little spot. I also love being wrapped in my ChappyWrap, so I get it.

Finally! We celebrated Mother’s Day a night early, by going to hear ReneĆ© Elise Goldsberry (the original Angelica Schuyler from Hamilton), sing with the symphony here. It was an incredible show – there aren’t words to describe how beautiful and powerful her voice is! She did sing both Satisfied and Schuyler Sisters, which was just amazing to hear live, but also sang so many other songs with a message of love. It was a perfect show!

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