Friday Favorites

I spent a lot of time inside this week – even though the air quality here wasn’t as bad as some other places, it still wasn’t great for people like me who have lung conditions! So I have a few more things (rather than articles) to share this week because I did a lot of browsing. I also did a lot of reading, but I’ll get into that below. On to the favorites!

Book Crossbody

A friend sent me the link to this and I ordered it SO quickly – a crossbody that looks like a book? Obviously I needed it. They have so many titles to choose from, but Anne of Green Gables is a childhood favorite of mine, so I went with that. It arrived so quickly and is perfect – the quality is amazing, and I love the gold on the corners.

Disability + Mental Health

I always love everything that Akilah writes, and this article is no exception. She really explains the connection between disability and mental health so well. While I’ve never been officially diagnosed with depression, sometimes the mental toll of being disabled is really, really heavy. This quote, especially, hit home: “There are times when I feel like I’m taking care of everything except for my sense of humanity. Managing my mental health and disability on top of my work and home life makes me feel like my life is a full-time job. Like I’m managing my body as if it were a company. CEO of me.” Definitely read this to better understand why mental health and disability need to be thought of all year round.

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

THIS BOOK. You’ve probably seen it at least once if you’re on BookTok or Bookstagram – I am here to tell you in lives up to the hype. It’s fantasy, and has some of the expected things – dragons, a girl choosing between her childhood best friend and the sexy, mysterious man – but it has unexpected things, too. Like a main character with the author’s own connective tissue disorder, and a casual use of they/them pronouns, and sign language. I’m sharing the Kindle link because the physical book is sold out on Amazon and Barnes and Noble right now! Highly recommend.

Pride Candle from Hotel Lobby Candle

Hotel Lobby’s Pride Candle is back for another year! I love how gorgeous it is, and especially love that $5 of every purchase goes to Family Equality, a non-profit supporting LGBTQ+ families. I really like when companies are intentional about highlighting causes they care about, and not just doing it for the publicity it brings.

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