Friday Favorites

This week has felt LONG. I think it’s the post-Taylor Swift exhaustion, but I have just been dragging! I’m feeling very, very happy that it’s (finally) Friday, and that we’ve made it to the weekend. Here are my favorites from this week!

ChappyWrap and Penguin Young Readers

OMG, I could not love this Penguin Young Readers collection from ChappyWrap more if I tried! Books and ChappyWraps are two of the gifts I give most often to my friends when they have babies, so a collection that pairs the two is beyond perfect. I especially love the “I think I can” mini blanket and book gift set!

So Many Thoughts Newsletter

I love Elizabeth Holmes’ thoughts on royal style, of course, but also love when she gets a little more personal in her newsletters. This one, about her recent experience with skin cancer, is important for everyone to read! A needed reminder to wear sunscreen and to trust your instincts, too.

Concert Earplugs

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to a huge stadium concert, and I forgot how LOUD they are! I was extremely grateful to have worn these earplugs when I saw Taylor Swift last week. I put them in during the opener and felt palpable relief. I could still hear everything super clearly, but didn’t have any ringing or muffled sounds in my ears after the show. HIGHLY recommend.

Being Ambitious About Friendships

I have always been someone who takes friendship seriously – I am serious about committing to and prioritizing my friendships, and sometimes there have been disconnects when the other person has a different take on friendship effort. So I really loved how this article talked about being ambitious with your friendships – ambitious about making the time, and ambitious about being fully present and opening up in those friendships, too.

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