Going to Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour

I debated not writing this post – it feels almost like I’m bragging to write about getting to see Taylor perform after so many people tried and failed to get tickets. But this was a huge moment for me, and I want to share a little bit about why, and what it was like.

I’m honestly still a little bit in shock that I was able to go at all – that I was able to get tickets! I’m sure you at least heard about the nightmare of trying to buy tickets through Ticketmaster during the pre-sale, even if you didn’t personally experience it. Since I needed accessible tickets, which are already super limited, I was increasingly nervous as the hours ticked by and I was still in the barely-moving virtual queue. But I was somehow able to get the three accessible tickets I needed. I was actually so anxious during the checkout process that my Apple Watch alerted me that my heart rate was too high for too long! I know many, many other people who needed accessible seats (and many other people who needed seats in general) weren’t able to get seats, though, and I will never stop feeling incredibly lucky and incredibly grateful.

I also feel grateful because my accessible tickets ended up being amazing. I’ve had hit or miss experiences with accessible seats in the past for concerts – sometimes they’re great, but sometimes they’re relegated to a side area where you’re missing a lot of what’s happening on the stage. This time, I was straight on facing the stage, at the 100-level – so not the floor seats, but just one section above. For this show, honestly, they were better than floor seats in many ways. I could see the screen, the stage, and Taylor at all times. I honestly couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have the view I did. it was also really spacious where I was – there was space behind me, and there was actually enough room next to me on both sides so I didn’t feel cramped. I was really impressed.
I will say, I wish that accessible seats on the floor had at least been an option – I know other cities had a raised ADA platform on the floor, but Pittsburgh did not. I would’ve liked to at least have the choice to buy floor seats if I wanted to!

The show itself is an experience. It’s a magical experience – the energy of 72,000 (!!) people all in one stadium singing along at the same time is just… electric. It’s genuinely hard to describe what it feels like – the energy is just unparalleled. Taylor puts on an absolutely incredible show – it is her, singing and dancing, for over three hours, with very very little break between songs. And you feel, at every second, that she is giving each performance her absolute all. She puts on such a show that, no matter where you’re sitting in the stadium, there’s something for you to enjoy. I don’t want to spoil any of the performances, but it’s all just so detailed and well thought-out to make sure every single person in the stadium has an amazing night. That’s so rare and so impressive!

And the fun part about going to a Taylor Swift concert is that not only does Taylor dress up for the show – everyone is encouraged to! It sounds silly, maybe, and it’s by no means required, but I really appreciate that it’s a space where no one will make you feel like you’re too much. Being too much, and going all out with your outfit, is actually encouraged! So often, it seems like there’s this unspoken rule that it’s not cool to care too much, or to get too excited, but that is just absolutely not the case at one of Taylor’s show, and I really love that. Since Taylor and I both share an appreciation for all things sparkly, I knew I wanted to wear my sequin Nap Dress, and the rest of my outfit was planned around that. Since I have a pageant crown, it felt like a waste not to wear it, so I decided to dress as Miss Americana! I got a personalized sash from Amazon to complement the crown, too. And even though I wasn’t going to have to worry about standing all night, I still wanted to make sure my feet were comfy, so I went with pink bedazzled sneakers. I wanted to make sure I shimmered from head to toe!

I have been a fan of Taylor for a long time, and this wasn’t my first Taylor concert. But it still felt extra special. Life as a disabled person during a pandemic hasn’t always been easy, and there have been times (and honestly, sometimes there are still times!) where it’s hard to imagine what my life will look like over the next few years. So having this snow to look forward to, and then being able to experience it? A definite bright spot.

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