Gratitude List, June 2023

I’m writing this on a day off from work, which puts me in a pretty good mood to be writing a gratitude post, honestly! Sometimes I’m at a point where I need to write these to remind myself to be grateful, but today, I’m already feeling grateful and content. So here’s what’s making me feel so happy right now.

Seeing Taylor Swift

I mean, this one is pretty obvious! Being able to see Taylor and the Era’s Tour was just unbelievable, and I’ll never stop being grateful that I was able to get tickets and go. There was so much build up and anticipation, and it just did not disappoint. It’s a memory I will really treasure, and I feel immensely glad I was able to be there.

Supportive Friends

This last month has just been.. a lot! In many many ways. I have been immensely grateful for friends – some I’ve known for years, some I’ve met only recently – who have been there to just let me talk and vent, and are there to listen and be supportive. I feel extremely lucky to have such incredible people in my life.

IRL Book Club

After a few months (through no fault of theirs!!), I was finally able to meet up with a book club I’ve been virtually participating in. I was really grateful they agreed to meet outside to make it safe for me, and it was just so much fun to finally meet up with people I’ve been chatting with onlien for months. Also, hilariously, the vast majority of us had Taylor Swift tickets, which made me feel like I somehow found the perfect book club to be in.

Summer Weather

I am just my happiest in the summer! I sat outside on my patio earlier (under the umbrella), coffee in hand, book on the table, and proceeded to spend the next few hours there. We haven’t had too many days of hot, summer weather yet, but today we did, and I’m hopeful more are on their way. Can’t wait for the days of ice cream and frozen margaritas enjoyed outside.

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