Life Lately, June 2023

This last month has been pretty eventful! Now that summer is here, it feels a lot easier to start adding (a few!) things to my calendar again. So here’s what I’ve been up to over the last month.

I was asked to talk to a small group of high school students at a local school about all things disability, accessibility, and inclusion. It was a really great talk – more laid back and casual, which is always my favorite, but they asked some really good questions, too. I try not to prepare too hard for talks like this, because I want to be flexible about what they’re interested in talking and learning about. And they were super engaged, which was great!

The school was near Bakery Square, so I finally was able to stop by Jeni’s Ice Cream, which opened a few months ago now! I’ve gotten their ice cream from Whole Foods before (and actually went to their shop in Charleston), but I am so excited there’s finally a shop here too. I actually tried the Everything Bagel flavor and it was surprisingly good!

I mentioned in my May favorites post that I saw Hozier at the Wonderworks Festival over Memorial Day Weekend! It was my first concert in quiiiiite a while, and just the perfect reminder of how much I love live music. There’s just something so magic and electric about the connection between the crowd and the musician. I always say yes to concerts and I’ve never regretted it once!

I gave another talk this month! I shared all things accessibility and inclusion with the local Chambers of Commerce. Pittsburgh can be a tough city accessibility-wise for me – so many hills! – and it can be challenging to talk to businesses about improvements they can make. But everyone was so open and willing to listen and learn – it was really great.

The deer don’t stop by as much in the summer – they have many more food sources easily available. But I was reading on the patio one day, saw something out of the corner of my eye, and was shocked to find this deer just looking right at me! It felt like such a peaceful, special moment, and I loved it.

I stopped by the Arts Festival here over the weekend… and took zero pictures of any of the booths or the art. I did, however, get this picture of Adda’s Taylor Swift-inspired menu! I love how the city is getting into all things Taylor. I’m seeing her on Friday and am SO excited!

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