May Favorites

This month has more things than experiences… I just did some really great shopping last month, I guess? Here are my favorite things from May.

Shark FlexStyle

I have a whole post up about this with my review, but seriously, I cannot get over how much I love this. It still works with my new, short haircut, which I was worried about, and it’s just made styling my hair so much easier. I can use it to rough dry SO quickly, and I can use the flat smoothing brush to really add some shine and sleekness to my hair with super minimal effort. But the curling attachments are the most life-changing – I just can’t believe how easily and quickly they add a loose curl to my hair. It makes an at-home blowout look SO much more achievable.

Hozier Concert

This was one of the highlights of May for me. Hozier performed as part of the Wonderworks Festival at Hartwood Acres. Honestly, my sister is the bigger Hozier fan, but I love a concert so much, and I love an outdoor concert even more. Hozier put on an amazing performance, and now I too am a fan! Plus, Wonderworks did a really great job with accessibility. They had raised ADA platforms at each of the stages, an e-mail address for accessibility questions (which they monitored and got back to e-mails super quickly), and accessible parking right by the entrance. I was impressed!

Le Specs Sunglasses

This sounds silly, but I’ve always bought sunglasses that were classic… and kind of boring. I don’t know why! This is my (very small) foray into more “fun” sunglasses, and I’m loving them. They’re still pretty basic, but they’re not black or tortoiseshell, which is a major change for me! And I’m finding that they actually go with way more outfits than I thought this would. Maybe I’ll even go a little bolder with my next pair!

Meet Me at the Lake

I have a full review up in my May reading post, but I loved Carley Fortune’s second book! It’s definitely different, content-wise, from her first, but still so good. I think Carley is so great at capturing summer – the feelings and the memories and the nostalgia, especially of summers when you’re young(ish). This is just a perfect summer read; bonus points if you’re reading by a body of water.

Hotel Lobby Positano

I am typically more of a dark candle scent person – nothing too light or floral – but I think Hotel Lobby Candle made me the perfect summer candle in their Positano scent. It’s definitely lighter than any of their other candles, but it doesn’t have any of those overwhelmingly floral notes you get when you think of a summer candle. Instead, it’s refreshing, and makes me feel like I’m on a very expensive (but still sophisticated) beach vacation, sunning myself in a cabana poolside. I love it.

Bandolier Phone Crossbody

I’ve been using the wristlet strap of this Bandolier case for a while now, but finally tried out the crossbody strap at the Hozier concert, and wow, I’m a convert. It was so nice to have my phone nearby, but not have to physically hold it – especially since the terrain at the concert was just grassy fields in places, and quite bumpy! Plus, it made it super easy to take a picture or two of the stage and then set my phone down again. I’ll definitely be using this for lots of summer events.

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