Velcro Sandals

I love that velcro (and other easy-on) sandals are coming back in style! They’re so much easier for me – and many other people with mobility disabilities – to wear, and now that they’re in again, there are so many more options to choose from! I’m sharing some of my current favorites.

Reef Platforms // Brown Wedge // Pink Two Strap

Mixed Metallics // Raffia Flats // Buckle Strap

Padded Two Strap // Buckle Wedge // Multicolored Flats

Light Two Strap // Tevas // Silver and White Wedge

Flat Velcro Sandals

These are the more casual options, although some of them could definitely be dressed up! I bought these light tan ones myself, and love them – they’re so comfy and easy to get on. These pink ones with a slight platform are so pretty! Of course, you cannot go wrong with a pair of classic Tevas – they’re the velcro sandal that’s never gone out of style. These sandals from Reef have a little platform, but are still casual, and look so comfortable. I love the raffia texture on this pair – they’re flats, but a little bit dressier! I love this buckle on this cognac-colored pair, and the padded/bubbled texture on this pair in the same shade. And this multicolored pair is just so fun that I had to include them.

Heeled Velcro Sandals

I love that there are options for dressier velcro sandals, too – it’s a really great option, and a reminder that even people who need easy on/off shoes like to dress up and look cute, too. I love these wedges with a faux buckle in the front – they’d look so cute paired with a sundress or pair of jeans. These are a similar wedge, but have two adjustable velcro straps for maximum ease. There are even metallic options! These silver and white wedges are so cute and sleek. And finally, I love the baby heel and mixed metallics on this pair.

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