Gratitude List, July 2023

My heart is pretty full this month – I just got back from a trip to New York to celebrate one of my best friend’s wedding! So I’m feeling super grateful and content right now. Here’s are a few things making me especially grateful.

Celebrating My Friend’s Wedding

I’m just so, so happy and grateful that I was able to be there for my friend and celebrate her wedding with her! We’ve been friends since college, which feels like a lifetime ago now, so I’m really glad I was able to be there for this milestone event, too. It was such a fun (and busy!) few days, and it went by like a whirlwind. I can’t believe it’s over!

Friends Who Get It

This is kind of a postscript to the first part. Wedding weeks/weekends can be BUSY, and since just daily life can be exhausting for me sometimes, I get a little worried before big events like this. But my friend was so great about it all – the complete opposite of a bridezilla. So flexible about what parts I was involved in, let me pick my hair and makeup times first… just really made sure it was as easy as possible for me. I really feel like I won the friend lottery and I’m so grateful for it.

My Bed

As much as I love travel, there is nothing like coming home and sleeping in your own bed again! I let out a little happy sigh when I laid down on Monday night. I still have to write a post about my Sleep Number bed, because I love it so much and missed it while I was away.

Summer Weather

This summer has been kind of strange – we haven’t really had consistently hot summer weather! I know some people might love that, but I need hot weather now to get me through the cold and snow that’s coming later in the year. But it has finally felt like summer the last week or so, and I have been loving it! I hope we get a few more weeks of the same into August, too.

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