Life Lately, July 2023

I’m really sad that it’s already mid-July – summer is my favorite, and I never want it to end. But I did some really fun things over the last month – here’s what my life looked like.

The biggest highlight of my month was, not surprisingly, going to Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour. I have a whole post about it here, but seriously, it was just so so cool to be there and be one of the (many!) people in the audience. It was a show I will never ever forget. Folklore is one of my favorite albums of hers, and because it’s a more indie/folk album, I never really thought I’d get to see her perform in live at a huge stadium. And look how amazing the Folklore cabin is that she has on the stage! Just all so, so cool – I don’t have the words to properly describe.

I also went to the zoo! It was such a beautiful day, and I always have fun when I’m there. I got to see a lot of the animals, too. I especially love the setup of the giraffes and zebras and elephants – I feel like they have space to roam, but also can be easily seen by visitors to the zoo. I also was happy because I got to pick up Dippin’ Dots, my favorite treat!

For the Fourth of July, we went to do a little trail walk in Frick Park. A lot of the trails in Pittsburgh are too hilly or rocky or steep, but this one wasn’t too bad – it was relatively flat, and while it wasn’t all paved, it was still pretty smooth. We saw a snake (no thanks!) and a deer, which made up for the snake. And then afterwards we headed to Jeni’s, and I got my favorite salted peanut butter with chocolate flecks. So good!

I’ve also spent lots of time just hanging out in the backyard. There is nothing better for relaxing than coffee and a book on my patio! I also had the most delicious breakfast delivered from Anthos – it’s like sausage and cheese on a croissant-ish dough? And now I want it every day. Recently, we’ve had quite a few deer visits… including this little baby fawn. I spent at least 20 minutes just watching it play and hang out one afternoon! It feels like I’m living in my own little Disney movie and I love it.

Finally – in celebration of Disability Pride Month, Film Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh’s Cinema in the Parks teamed up to put on an outdoor screening of Best Summer Ever, a fun movie musical in the vein of Grease, High School Musical, or Glee, that features a fully diverse disabled cast. (You can stream it on Hulu!) The movie asks you to gently check your assumptions and biases about disability while humming along with the super fun music. It was a great night and made me even more excited for the disability-focused ReelAbilities Festival that will be held in early September. Can’t wait!

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