Accidentally Adaptive: Crocs Sandals

In my Accidentally Adaptive series, I share products or services that aren’t specifically designed to be adaptive but have a particular use for me as a disabled woman.

I know that the end of August is not necessarily the ideal time to be posting a pair of sandals, but I just bought these recently and was so excited that I wanted to share. I saw these Brooklyn Buckle Crocs sandals online and placed an order almost immediately. They’re incredibly comfortable, surprisingly cute, and adjustable and adaptive, too.

I’ve share before about how it can be tricky for me to find shoes that fit me well. I wear a small size (womens 4 or kids 2), but because I have pretty bad circulation, but feet tend to get swollen and puffy. I can sometimes find flats that work ok, but sandals are tougher. So many of them have some sort of strap over the top of the foot, and my foot just… can’t get all the way into the shoe! Plus, trying to slide my foot into a shoe when I can’t do it myself can be tricky. My toes sometimes curl under, which doesn’t feel great, and it’s just challenging. Some shoes are easier than others, but it’s a challenge overall.

But these Brooklyn Buckle sandals from Crocs solve a lot of those issues for me! There are two straps on the top, but they come apart completely – so I can just set my foot on the shoe, and then snap the straps closed. And the straps have a ton of adjustability, which is amazing – I didn’t even need to put them on the tightest holes! They’re incredibly easy to get on, it’s so great.

And you might be like me and thinking… Crocs?! Really?! Because to be honest, that’s what I was thinking, too. But they’re so cute! I was worried that in person, they wouldn’t look as nice as they do online – that they’d maybe look cheap and plasticy? But if I didn’t know better, I’d think they were patent leather! They look so chic, and I think the croc-style patterning actually makes them look even nicer. If you’re not into the shine, they have a matte croc pattern version as well, and even a croc-less “smooth” option too.

They’re definitely on the more casual side, but the pattern, the platform, and the little wedge dress them up a little bit, too. I think they’d look equally cute with a pair of jeans or shorts as they would with a dress. They just seem incredibly versatile.

And even if you don’t need adjustable sandals for adaptive reasons, they’re so comfortable! The footbed just feels so nice and cushioned, and the straps don’t cut into my feet at all. They just feel nice and supportive, even with the platform and the slight wedge. They’re a perfect sandal option, adaptive or not.

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