Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week has felt both extremely long and extremely short at the same time – I always feel a little bit frazzled after coming back from a trip. I’m definitely looking forward to being home for a bit and not having any more travel in my immediate future – I love traveling, but it’s also exhausting sometimes. Anyway – on to this week’s favorites!

How to Help Maui’s Wildfire Victims

The news and pictures coming out of the Maui wildfire are truly terrifying – the devastation is so massive, and it seems like it happened so quickly. This article has some different ways and places you can donate, if you’re able.

So Many Thoughts in The NY Times

It was SO cool to see Elizabeth Holmes’ So Many Thoughts pop up in this New York Times article. I have been following Elizabeth for what feels like forever, and it’s been really amazing to watch her grow what started out as some Instagram stories into a book, and newsletter, and everything it is now. The whole article is worth a read.

Open Stitch Pullover Sweater

This open stitch sweater in the prettiest Barbie pink is on sale for $50! It would be a great layering piece for the end of summer / beginning of fall – how cute would it look thrown over a Nap Dress?? It’s also available in a brownish greenish color that I love, too.

Disability Representation in Fourth Wing

I love this interview with Rebecca Yarros, the author of Fourth Wing, about writing Violet as a disabled character and the importance of disability representation. I basically nodded along to the entire thing as I read, and especially loved this part:

Violet accepts the accommodations she absolutely has to in order to be a dragon rider. She can definitely get in her own way and put her body through too much at times because of her stubbornness, which I’ve found to be a personal theme in my life. Accepting and asking for appropriate accommodations is a very personal journey, and it was important for me to show that in Fourth Wing for readers who may or may not struggle with the same choices.

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