July 2023 Favorites

Wow, July seriously flew – I cannot believe it’s already August! July was a really busy month for me, actually, especially since I was traveling/out of town for close to a week. Here are all my favorites from last month!

Where You See Yourself by Claire Forrest

I talked about this book during my July reading post, so I’m not going to do a full review here, but it was definitely one of my July favorites. It was so, so nice to read a story about a disabled character, written by a disabled author. It felt so true and authentic – the little details were all things I found myself nodding along to as I read. It makes me really happy to see more diverse books slowly making their way out there.

Artist’s Edition Nap Dress

I have been trying to avoid buying a Nap Dress from every single drop – I love them so much, but I want to be careful about overconsumption, too! But I couldn’t resist this Artist’s Edition print – it’s mostly floral, but there are teeny tiny little stars and moons throughout, too. Stars and moons have been my “thing” forever, so I had to pick this one up. It’s so cute.

Rare Beauty Lip Oil

The Rare Beauty Lip Oil ha sbeen sold out the last few times I tried to buy it online from Sephora, but I was finally able to get a hold of it. It’s honestly amazing – it goes on like a gloss, and feels so nice on your lips – a little minty, even! But it dries down to almost like a stain, without being overly matte or drying. I like it so much I actually picked up another shade too (I own Joy and Serenity now).

MZ Wallace Nik Bag

This bag had been on my wishlist for over a year before I finally got it (and actually, I ended up getting it secondhand through a Facebook group). Now that I’ve used it for a few trips, I can say that I love it and what a great travel bag it is. I love how it looks, but also how functional it is – it has just the right amount of pickets + open space to keep your things organized but still fit a lot. I haven’t taken it on a plane yet, only in the car, but think it would work perfectly for either.

Celebrating My Friend’s Wedding

Last, but absolutely not least – I couldn’t leave out the highlight of my month, which was celebrating my friend’s wedding! We’ve been friends since college (over 10 years now!), and have been there for each other through so many life milestones, and I’m so glad I got to be there for this one, too. It was so special to be there – it was also the first Indian wedding ceremony I’ve been to, and I loved getting to take part in the different traditions. Such a fun week, and I’m so happy and honored to have been part of it!

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