Life Lately, August 2023

Life this past month has been extremely busy – I went on two different trips since I wrote my last post! This will kind of be a little bit of a travel recap through my camera roll – not so much details about where I stayed, just what I did.

The first trip I took was to Tarrytown, New York to celebrate the wedding of my best friend from college! I was so so glad to be able to be there, and it was a really fun (but busy, too) trip. I’m going to share some pictures from the different events – the first was the Mehendi Ceremony! It’s the name for the henna tattoos you’ve probably seen pictures of, but for the bride-to-be, it’s beautifully intricate. You can see my design on my hands, and then my friend’s designs, which totally covered her hands (front and back!) and feet. Her husband’s name is even hidden in there. It took maybe 5 minutes for my designs, but about 6 hours for my friend’s!

There was a more casual welcome reception the night before the wedding, and it was so much fun to meet people who I’d heard so many stories about but had never actually had the chance to meet in person! And the ceremony itself, the next day, was amazing. The weather ended up being perfect for the outdoor ceremony, and it was really cool (to me) to see all of the different rituals that were part of it.

And of course… I couldn’t resist a quick sunset picture in between the ceremony and reception! The grounds were beautiful – we actually saw a few deer strolling around the grassy lawns.

And then back home… to deer in my own backyard! These three were just hanging out for a few hours back there, and it was so cute. You can’t really tell in the picture, but the one in the back is a little fawn – such a baby!

At the end of July – the week we celebrate the anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act – I made a quick visit to Children’s Hospital for storytime. I read All The Way To The Top, a book about a disability activist who helped get the ADA signed. As someone who definitely spent time at “Hotel Children’s” as we called it when I was young, it was really special to me able to do this. And I highly recommend the book for kids, too!

And then I was off to Cedar Point! I’m sure I mentioned this when I wrote my post about last year’s trip, but my dad worked at Cedar Point one summer years and years ago, and it was the highlight of his life. He really just loved his time there! So we went every year when I was young, we stopped going maybe when I was in high school, and then started going again the last few years. There aren’t really many rides my sister and I can do, so we eat and get coffees and hang out while my parents do a few of the coasters – this year, we actually grabbed a table outside their bakery and read for a bit with our coffees and funnel cake! And then we walk around and enjoy the atmosphere the rest of the time… and I spend too much money in the gift shops! We always find a way to have fun.

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