Recent Reads, August 2023

Another month that was not my best, reading wise! It has been tough lately to really find free time to read – and to find time where I feel like I can actually focus on a book. But I am okay with that – I’m not pushing myself or stressing over it right now. Here’s everything I read over the last month.

Georgie, All Along by Kate Clayborn

This was such a cute romance, and a great end of summer read. Georgie has been a PA to a fancy Hollywood person, but has recently been let go as her boss has decided to really take time off and go off the grid for the forseeable future. So Georgie goes back to her hometown and stays in her childhood home while her somewhat nomadic and free-spirited parents are on a road trip. Only, once she gets there, she finds out that her parents have also accidentally promised the house to Levi, the bad news older brother of her high school crush. Since neither has any other place to stay, they decide to share the space, even though their personalities seem to be at complete odds with one another. But of course, they might end up getting along more than they realize! It’s a cute story about finding yourself and (finally) letting go of your past.

Anxious People by Fredrik Backman

I did not know what to expect with this book at all, and was really blown away. It’s described as a cozy mystery – a bank heist gone wrong ends up with an apartment full of hostages – but it’s not really at all what you’d think. It’s more just about all the hostages, who they are, and how they’re coincidentally related to one another. It’s about life, and choices, and how one decision can have ripple effects for years to come. It’s poignant and beautiful and funny and sad all at the same time and I really highly recommend!

The Seven Year Slip by Ashley Poston

Another book that I really loved. This is an incredible romcom of a book – I think I finished it in about a day because I just didn’t want to put it down. Clementine is a book publicist in New York City who is incredibly committed to her job – especially after losing her aunt, who she was very close with, and moving into her apartment. The apartment in which one day, Clementine finds out she has a new roommate, a man who her aunt promised the apartment to for the summer… seven years ago. Clementine’s aunt had always told her the apartment was a little bit magic, and it turns out she was not wrong. But what happens when you start to fall in love with someone who is living seven years in your past? I loved this so much!

Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree

This is a fantasy version of a cozy mystery, but honestly, it was a little too cozy for me – I would have liked a little more plot or action! Viv is an orc who decides to leave her old life behind and open a coffee shop in a town where no one has ever heard of coffee. The story is mostly just a slice of her life – building and opening the shop, making new friends, and finding customers. There’s a bit of a mystery along the way, but it’s pretty low-stakes. This book is best enjoyed with a cup of coffee and a warm cinnamon roll.

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