Friday Favorites

I’m so excited, because I’m finally going to watch the Barbie movie tonight! I feel like I’ve been waiting so long for it to come to streaming, and it’s finally here. Other than that, I have an extremely low key weekend planned. Last weekend I went to the Family House Polo Match (SO much fun!) and had a few people over for a Barbie themed bonfire (after they pushed the streaming date back a weekend and I had to pivot from my patio movie plans) with the most delicious Milkbar red velvet cake with cheesecake icing. It was all very fun but also tiring! So this weekend will be much more chill.

On to this week’s favorites!

Updated COVID Vaccine Approved

The FDA and CDC approved the new version of the COVID vaccine this week that’s more effective against the current variants. I’ll be getting mine ASAP, since it’s been a while since my last booster, and COVID seems to be circulating pretty heavily right now. Depending on where you are, they should be available as soon as this weekend / early next week! Don’t forget to get yours.

Can Friendships Survive Kids?

I’m now at the age where lots of my friends are getting married and having kids. As someone who is still single and child-free, this article was really interesting. It’s so true that as much as you try to pretend otherwise, friendships do fundamentally change after one person has a baby! It can take time – and effort! – to navigate the new dynamic, and figure out the best way to move forward without losing the friendship altogether.

White Shakshuka

This recipe looks so good – I’m not really a tomato person, so shakshuka has never really appealed to me. But this one is made with labneh, a kind of cheese-yogurt mixture, instead. It seems like the perfect meal for a weekend breakfast / brunch in fall, and I can’t wait to test it out.

Aspen Candle

Hotel Lobby Candle released a new scent yesterday – Aspen! It sounds like the perfect candle for fall / through winter – a little deeper – and I can’t wait for my order to arrive. It sounds like it should go really well with their New York candle, which is my favorite so far, so I’m expecting to love it.

Jenna Lyons on RHONY

I finally caught up on all the new episodes of Real Housewives of New York, and I’m really loving the new cast. I have known of Jenna Lyons since her J.Crew days, and I love the energy she brings to the show and the cast. It’s also really powerful for me to hear her talk so openly about her rare disease and her insecurities because of it – especially for someone so ensconced in the fashion industry. I really want to try out her fake lashes now!

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