Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This was one of those weeks where I just don’t have much to say – just a normal week spent working and enjoying time outside while I still can. I’m trying hard to get a little more control over my life – getting a little more ahead on blog posts and ideas, getting better at going to bed on time, and just feeling a little less scattered and a little more organized overall. Kind of like that “back to school” energy, but for my entire life! So I’m hoping that I can spend some time this weekend just getting organized, physically and mentally.

On to this week’s favorites.

Target Adaptive Jean Jacket

Okay, this was just something exciting for me – my sister texted me earlier this week because my Instagram picture of the Target adaptive jean jacket is featured on their page! It was cool to see, and I love that other wheelchair users will be able to see a picture of an adaptive product being worn by someone disabled.

Virgin River

Are you one of the (many) people like me who can’t stop watching Virgin River?! It’s one of those small town comfort shows – with a healthy dose of relationship drama – that I put on and find myself sucked into, looking up to see that four hours have somehow gone by. I’m trying to space out the most recent season a bit so that I don’t run out too soon! This article is a good look at why so many of us find ourselves watching.

Hozier Song Association

I saw Hozier at a festival earlier this year, and fell in love with his voice – both singing and speaking! I loved listening to him play Elle’s Song Association game – his music taste is pretty varied! A good mix of pop hits and classics, plus an Irish song that I’ve never heard of.

Rifle Paper Co. Catchall Tray

I did a major overhaul of my desk area (post coming next week!) and some new organizational pieces as part of that. I wanted a little tray to keep the various things that inevitably end up scattered across my desk a little more organized, and came across this pretty blue peacock tray from Rifle Paper Co. It’s so cute, and I love all the shades of blue.

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