Gratitude List, September 2023

I’m writing this post on a Sunday evening, after a really nice, really relaxing weekend, so I really do feel grateful and content while writing this post. Here are a few of the things adding to my gratitude right now.

A Cozy Weekend In

You can definitely tell that fall is here right now, and the whole last weekend was chilly and rainy. While I’m definitely more of a summer person, instead of being upset or frustrated, I decided to just lean into the coziness. I caught up on sleep, read, watched TV… really just relaxed. And honestly, it was amazing. I feel content and rested going into the week, which is the dream.

Hotel Lobby Candles

I wasn’t always a candle person, but Hotel Lobby really changed me into one. Lighting a candle really added to the cozy vibe over the weekend, and helped to set the relaxing mood. Aspen and New York are both the perfect fall candle, and every time I caught a whiff of them it just brought a smile to my face. Even if it’s just me in my pajamas catching up on Virgin River, there’s nothing wrong with setting the mood with a candle.

My Desk Refresh

There’s nothing like the little rush of joy and productivity that I get from a newly reorganized space. The desk refresh that I posted about yesterday has helped me feel like I have a real, settled place to work, and that’s helped me feel more settled mentally and more productive. As a plus for me, my computer monitor now faces the TV, which means I can do a fall rewatch of Gilmore Girls in the background while I work.

Plans To Look Forward To

Maybe this is a little bit at odds with my first thing on this month’s list, but I also have some fun plans coming up – seeing some concerts and shows, plus the Eras tour movie at the drive-in. I’m obviously still limiting things because I’m COVID-cautious, but it’s nice to know I have some things that I’m looking forward to on the calendar.

Cashmere Season Coming Back

We all joke about the catchphrase that “sweater weather” has become, but my personal fall clothing style of choice is cashmere! There’s nothing like putting on a cloud soft cashmere sweater – it just feels so luxurious. Looking forward to wearing allll the cashmere, including this sweater that I loved so much I wrote a whole post about it!

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