Adaptive Options at Target

Target has really been impressing me lately with their adaptive clothing options. I love that it’s something they’ve been consistently doing for a few years now, and are adding to it each season, just like they would with any clothes offer. Honestly, it’s something I never thought I’d see a big name store like Target doing, so it’s been fun to be able to easily buy adaptive products that work for me.

One note – and plea to Target! Only one of the items I’ve bought is women’s; the rest are all kids. I’m petite, so I’m able to make a girls size L work for me, but that wouldn’t work for everyone. Target, please give us some more women’s options! All of the girls things I’ve bought below could be offered in women’s sizes, too.

With that being said, here’s what I’ve tried and loved so far.

Universal Thread Adaptive Denim Jacket

This denim jacket was my first Target adaptive purchase, and I love it so much that I have a whole post written about it. Jean jackets are such a classic closet staple, and this one has some really intentional design choices that make it perfect for me. A slippery satin lining that makes it easy to get on and off, “flat” seams so that it lays nicely, a slightly stretchy denim… the list goes on and on, but it’s a really great denim jacket for anyone who needs an adaptive option, and honestly, even if you don’t!

Rowing Blazers x Target Adaptive Duffel Coat

When I saw that the Rowing Blazers and Target collaboration included adaptive options, I was super excited – it’s the first time I’ve seen that happen in any of their collaborations like this! And when I saw that this duffel coat / cape was included, I knew I had to have it. The toggle clasps and bright primary color gives me Paddington vibes (but in the best way!). There’s also a zipper behind the toggles; you can use either / or to fasten the jacket. The inside is a smooth satin so it’s easy to move your arms while you’re wearing it, and there are snaps on the side that you can use to make optional loose “sleeves” if you want. I leave them open like a cape because it works best on my wheelchair, but I like that the option exists!

Adaptive Quilted Cape Jacket

The Rowing Blazers cape is great for fall, and then I can swap it out with this adapted quilted cape for colder temperatures! Winter is so hard for me, clothing-wise – I am always cold and need layers to stay warm, but the more layers I add, the more difficult it is for me to actually move my arms and drive my wheelchair. This quilted cape jacket is the perfect way to stay warm in the winter, but actually still be able to move around. There’s a zipper in the front so it easily slides over my head, and a hood to make sure I really stay warm and dry. The quilted material is thin enough that it doesn’t weigh too heavily on me, but it’s nice and warm!

Adaptive Mockneck Fleece

This mockneck fleece has one of my absolute favorite adaptive features – snaps up the back! You just thread your arms through the sleeves and then snap the the back (in my case, someone else snaps the back up for me) to close it up. It is so much easier for me to get on than something that has to go over my head. Because I have some wheelchair support pieces around my hips, I like to leave the bottom snap undone to give it a little more of a boxier shape and make it flow out a little bit. It’s like extra adjustability built in! It’s super soft and cozy, too, and there are thumb holes on the sleeves to help my hands stay warm while I’m driving my wheelchair.

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