Amazon Prime Big Deals Day 2023

It’s another Amazon Prime sale day! I know that sales like this can get a little overwhelming just with the sheer volume of things to look at, so I’ve done my best to put together a guide to some of my favorite things on Amazon.

Kindle Paperwhite // Roku // Airpods Pro // Air Fryer

Echo Dot // Bioderma Micellar Water // Lancome Mascara // Pillow

Apple Watch // Smart Plug // Biossance Serum // Echo Show // Bose Headphones

Miele Espresso Machine // GrandeLash Serum // Frame TV

For the Home

Today is a great day to get a deal on things for the home that you’ve been wanting for a while. A lot of the things I’m sharing today are things that I’ve picked up during Prime Deal Days in the past! My Frame TV is one of my absolute favorite things – I’m forever impressed how much my TV does look like artwork hanging on the wall. Not only does it look great, but the picture and sound quality are really impressive, too. It’s definitely a splurge, but worth it for me. Another item that falls into that same category is my Miele espresso machine – I love it so much, and use it multiple times a day. It’s incredibly easy to use, and the coffee it makes is delicious.

I got an air fryer a few years ago, and while I wasn’t sure how often I’d really use it, the answer ended up being a lot! This combination toaster oven / air fryer is the one I have, and it works really well. Prime Deals Day is also, unsurprisingly, a great time to pick up an Echo device! This Echo Show with a screen and a nice speaker is great for in the kitchen to cook with, or anywhere you really want to play your music. The Echo Dot is a great option for somewhere like your desk, or a smaller counter area. I use mine all the time to control my smart devices… like this smart plug! And it’s also a perfect time to pick up a Roku or a FireStick to make your TV a smart TV.

And finally – my pillow! I’ve talked about this pillow a lot, because I am obsessed with it. I even bring it with me when I travel! If you’re a side sleeper, you need this pillow – it has the perfect cutouts for your ear and your shoulder so that you can sleep comfortably all night long. It’s really the best.


Today is also a great day for a deal on tech things. If you’re a reader, today is a great day to pick up the Kindle Paperwhite – almost all of my reader friends rave about this. And actually, they recommend getting the Kids Paperwhite version – basically the same device, and even comes with a case. These Bose wireless noise cancelling headphones are included in the sale, and are a great deal. I also highly recommend the Sony headphones, and am planning to pick up the AirPods Pro Max (the over-the-head ones). For in-ear headphones, the Apple Airpods Pro are amazing. And my Apple Watch is something that I end up using more than I ever thought I would – I love being able to glance at my wrist as texts and e-mails come in, so that I’m not distracted by looking at my phone every few minutes.

Beauty Favorites

Finally – a few of my beauty favorites! I use Bioderma micellar water every single day to take off my makeup – it’s so great, gentle on your skin, and just really works. I’ve been using the GrandeLash serum for years now, and love how long it makes my lashes. This Biossance serum is a great plumping and brightening addition to a skincare routine. And this Lancome mascara is my favorite right now – it makes my lashes look longer and thicker, and doesn’t flake off.

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