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Like I mentioned in this post with my updated daily makeup routine, I’ve been into cream and liquid blush lately. I always thought that since my skin is on the oily side, a cream blush would add too much shine to my cheeks, but that hasn’t been the case at all! I’ve actually been loving how easy the cream blush is to apply and blend, and how well it wears, even after a full day. I thought I’d do a mini review of the cream / liquid blushes that I’ve tried so far.

Caliray Superbloom (gifted) // Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Wand // Saie Dew Blush

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Blush Beauty Wand

I really like this Charlotte Tilbury beauty wand because the blush itself is matte, so I don’t have to worry about adding extra shine to my face. It’s the “thickest” of the cream / liquid blushes that I’ve tried so far, but it still blends out really nicely and easily, and looks natural once it’s applied. The applicator itself is really unique, too – it has a “puff” at the top, and you squeeze the tube to dispense the blush up onto the puff. Then you can put as many (or as few) dots on your cheeks as you want, and then blend. I have found that once it sets, it is really set – which is amazing for long-lasting purposes, but also means you shouldn’t want too long to blend.

Saie Dew Blush

The Saie dew blush is super easy to apply, blends out so smoothly and evenly, and is really buildable. It has a doe-foot applicator, so all you need to do is pull out the wand and dot the products on your cheeks. This is (physically) a really easy way for me to apply the blush, which I love. I really love how well it builds – you can start off with a sheerer, more subtle look, but easily add to it and layer for something more bold while still blending easily.

Caliray Socal Superbloom Lip + Cheek Tint

The Caliray lip and cheek tint is the most natural of the cream / liquid blushes that I’ve tried – it’s great for a subtle, blendable cheek tint. It definitely is more of a tint, like the name says – if you’re going for a more natural look, this is a perfect option! It’s so sheer and really, really easy to spread and blend. I use a brush because it’s easier for me, but this is something you could definitely blend out with your fingers, too. And if you want a little more of a pop of color, you can build a few layers on top of each other.

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